2019-2020 Season

2019-2020 Season

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12 Ophelias (a play with broken songs)

Oct 2 – 13, 2019

Shakespeare's Ophelia rises up out of the water, dreaming of Pop-Tarts and other sweet things. She finds herself in a neo-Elizabethan Appalachian setting where Gertrude runs a brothel, Hamlet is called a Rude Boy and nothing is what it seems. In this mirrored world of word-scraps and cold sex, Ophelia cuts a new path for herself.

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The Method Gun

Oct 4 – 5, 2019

Returning to the Texas Theatre and Dance stage, The Method Gun explores the life and techniques of Stella Burden, actor-training guru of the 1960s and 70s, whose sudden emigration to South America still haunts her most fervent followers. Burden's training technique, The Approach (often referred to as "the most dangerous acting technique in the world"), fused Western acting methods with risk-based rituals in order to infuse even the smallest role with sex, death and violence.

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Spring Awakening

Nov 6 – 24, 2019

Winner of eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Spring Awakening explores the journey from adolescence to adulthood as a group of young people struggle with questions of morality, sexuality and self-identity. Set to a punk rock score, this groundbreaking musical personifies the struggles of growing up and finding your own unique voice.

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Fall For Dance

Nov 12 – 17, 2019

Dance Repertory Theatre, the award-winning student dance company, presents new work from professional and student choreographers in Fall For Dance.

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Marcus; or the Secret of Sweet

Feb 26 – Mar 8, 2020

Marcus is sixteen and "sweet." Days before Hurricane Katrina strikes the housing projects of Louisiana, the currents of his life converge, overflowing into his close-knit community and launching the search for his sexual and personal identity on a cultural landscape infused with mysterious family creeds. The provocative, poignant and fiercely humorous coming-of-age story of a young gay man in the South, Marcus; or the Secret of Sweet is the stirring conclusion of The Brother/Sister Plays by Academy Award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Tarell Alvin McCraney (Moonlight). 

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UTNT (UT New Theatre) 2020

Mar 4 – 13, 2020

UTNT (UT New Theatre) presents newly developed works from playwrights of Texas Theatre and Dance and Michener Center for Writers. Now in its 13th season, this showcase exists as an incubator for new work, with many continuing on to be professionally produced across the country.

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Not Omaha

Mar 4 – 13, 2020

Not Omaha is a surreal, darkly odd story about the end of the world in a small town. What if the apocalypse was like the death of a parent –natural, strange and sometimes beautiful?

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Bog Butter

Mar 4 – 12, 2020

When A tries to bond with her sister B over their shared obsession with the fermented ancient butter that’s found buried in peat bogs, she digs up more than she bargained for: not only the end of the whole polluted, broken world, but also the dairymaids of the deep past and the far future — and some vulnerability she might not be ready to handle. 

Content warning - This play contains women swearing, committing violence, surviving, and eating really old dairy products.  

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A Fistful of Trespassing

Mar 5 – 11, 2020

"I’m gonna take all the naked cowboys in Texas till I find myyy naked cowboy.” - Clint-John

Two guys in a totalitarian country fancy the American Old West. When a shipwreck leaves them stranded on an isolationist island, these wannabe cowboys do what the old Hollywood cowboys did: chase after love, freedom and myths—only this time, with zany shenanigans. Minghao Tu’s A Fistful of Trespassing is a farcical fever dream—bubbles burst like dynamite.

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Tjipetir: A Search History

Mar 5 – 13, 2020

An uptight etymologist finds herself on a warped detective case when pieces of rubber begin washing up on beaches all over the world. The single word inscribed on each of them, “TJIPETIR,” leads her on a dizzying expedition into submarine warfare, a Javanese rubber plantation, the history of the internet, an octopus with a vendetta and a dark family secret.

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