Student Organizations

Dance Action

Dance Action is a student-run organization at The University of Texas at Austin. With a focus in dance and the creative arts, Dance Action holds two experimental performances on campus. Dance Action’s mission is to broaden the opportunities for dance throughout UT campus, encouraging creativity and risk in our performances.

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Take the Wheel Productions

Take the Wheel Productions is a student-run production company that creates, develops and produces student work for both the stage and screen. The organization works collaboratively to bring stage and screen projects to life each semester, based off ideas pitched by members.

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Performance as Public Practice (PPP) Graduate Student Alliance

The PPP Graduate Student Alliance organizes workshops, performances and symposiums that support the interests of the students in the Performance as Public Practice program in collaboration with other programs in Theatre and Dance and other graduate students across the university. 

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Live Design Graduates

The organization has been created to support the graduate students of the Live Design program within the Theatre and Dance Department. The main function is to support the yearly portfolio event at the end of the spring semester called "Live Design Showcase," thesis projects and student productions. 

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Latinx Theatre Initiative

Latinx Theatre Initiative at The University of Texas at Austin is a group of students, regardless of race or ethnicity, that gather together in order to promote and perform Latino and Hispanic stories as well as build community with other students at UT Austin and the greater Austin area. Emphasis is placed on shared collaboration amongst all members in an effort to inspire emerging leaders in the performing arts. 

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Undergraduate Advisory Council (UAC)

The Undergraduate Advisory Council (UAC) for the Department of Theatre and Dance is made up of a group of students from across the department dedicated to bridging the gap between faculty and students by serving as a liaison between the two. In addition, the Undergraduate Advisory Council values creating a space that is both welcoming to all who enter Winship and strives to lift up student work. 

The UAC also plans engagement events, including Convocation in the fall semester. Members frequently work with faculty, administrative staff and fellow Theatre and Dance students in order to create opportunities for collaboration, creativity and growth. 

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Other Student Organizations

Other student organizations associated with the Department of Theatre and Dance include: 

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Registration for Student Organizations

Each spring, all student organizations are required to complete a four-step annual registration process. This ensures that each organization updates its profile and information with the University, and meets the eligibility requirements outlined in The University's Institutional Rules (Subchapter 6-200).

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