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Faculty Directory

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Nanette Acosta

Nanette Acosta, Assistant Professor of Practice and Costume Production Director, UT Live Design
email  nanette.acosta@austin.utexas.edu
telephone 512-471-0642
office location  WIN 2.308

woman in glasses and red shirt

Megan Alrutz, Associate Professor, Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities
email  malrutz@austin.utexas.edu
telephone 512-232-6383
office location  WIN 2.164

Charles O. Anderson, Associate Professor, Dance

black and white headshot of michael avila

Michael Avila, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities
email  michael.avila@austin.utexas.edu
office location  WIN B.104H

beckham headshot small

Andrea Beckham, Associate Professor of Practice, Dance
email  a.beckham@austin.utexas.edu
telephone 512-232-5332
office location  WIN 2.132C

Cristóbal Bianchi, Lecturer, Arts Administration and Management
email  cristobalbianchi@utexas.edu

man with gray hair smiling

William Bloodgood, Associate Professor of Practice, UT Live Design
email  w.bloodgood@austin.utexas.edu
office location  WIN 1.158

bonin headshot reszied

Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, Associate Professor, Performance as Public Practice
email  pbonrod@austin.utexas.edu
telephone 512-232-5310
office location  WIN 2.162

Buchanan new headshot

Jason Barr Buchanan, Lecturer, UT Live Design
email  jasonig888@netscape.net
office location  WIN B.104J

W. Scott Bussey, Technical Director of Design & Technology at the UT Theatre Dept.

W. Scott Bussey, Technical Director, Texas Performing Arts
email  sbussey@texasperformingarts.org
telephone 512-471-0951
office location  PAC 2.204

charlotte canning against grey background

Charlotte Canning, Professor, Performance as Public Practice / Head, Oscar G. Brockett for Theatre History and Criticism
email  charlottecanning@utexas.edu
telephone 512-232-5338
office location  WIN 2.158

Andrew Carlson, Clinical Assistant Professor at the UT Theatre and Dance Dept.

Andrew Carlson, Assistant Professor of Instruction
email  andrewiancarlson@austin.utexas.edu
telephone 765-409-0478
office location  WIN 1.113

Woman with dark hair in front of aqua background

Quetta Carpenter, Assistant Professor of Practice, Acting
email  quetta.carpenter@austin.utexas.edu
telephone 512-232-5391
office location  WIN 1.132

Barbara Chisholm-Faires, Lecturer, Acting
email  barbara.chisholm@austin.utexas.edu
office location  WIN B.130

cloyes headshot blue background

Rusty Cloyes, Associate Professor of Practice, UT Live Design
email  rustycloyes@austin.utexas.edu
telephone 512-232-5339
office location  WIN 2.119

rust background eric headshot

Eric Colleary, Lecturer, Performance as Public Practice
email  ecolleary@utexas.edu
telephone 512-475-6502

Photo: Kathy Whittaker

Jeremy Lee Cudd, Assistant Professor of Practice, Acting
email  jeremylcudd@austin.utexas.edu
telephone 512-232-5391
office location  WIN 2.117

curran headshot on blue background

Tina Curran, Assistant Professor of Practice, UTeach Dance
email  tinacurran@austin.utexas.edu
telephone 512-475-6583
office location  WIN 2.132A

Christin Davis looking at camera

Christin Sawyer Davis, Assistant Professor of Practice, Acting
email  christin.davis@austin.utexas.edu
office location  WIN B.128


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