UTNT (UT New Theatre)

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The University of Texas at Austin Department of Theatre and Dance presents UTNT (UT New Theatre). UTNT is an annual showcase of new plays from third-year playwrights in the M.F.A. Playwriting Program.

The Department of Theatre and Dance and Michener Center for Writers have been heralded nationally as incubators for new work (American Theatre). Notable alumni of these programs include Lisa D’ Amour (2011 Pulitzer Prize Finalist, Detroit), Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig (2011 Wasserstein Award Recipient, The World of Extreme Happiness), George Brant (2008 Keene Prize for Literature, Elephant’s Graveyard) and Kirk Lynn (2011 USA Fellow in Theatre Arts). UTNT founder and former Department of Theatre and Dance faculty member Steven Dietz shares, “Tomorrow's plays are at UTNT today. UTNT is known as the launching pad to award-winning and widely produced new work for the American stage.”


Tiny Fingerprints by Jaymes Sanchez
Murky as Hell written and directed by Andrea L. Hart 
Jinkies! or The Dog Play by Josiah Thomas Turner



Part One (Fall 2020)
poolboy00 by Sam Mayer
Wyeth Airlines Flight Thirteen by Lena Barnard


Part Two (Spring 2021)
Community Garden by Renae Simone Jarrett
Radiance by Gursimrat Kaur
sad women being sad by Jenny Krick (co-written by Andrea L. Hart)
Fall the House by Braxton Rae
OCD by Hee-won Kim



Sow and Suckling by Dan Caffrey
Tjipetir: A Search History by I.B. Hopkins 
A Fistful of Trespassing by Minghao Tu
Bog Butter by Cecelia Raker 
Not Omaha by Paul William Kruse
Toros by Danny Tejera 
rain falls special on me by Lane Michael Stanley 
The Book of Orpah by Jess Shoemaker 


a place called the middle by I-Chia Chiu
Three Shitty Sons by Hannah Kenah
30 Floods by Daria Miyeko Marinelli
Flora Circular by Thom May


Loverboy by Drew Paryzer
MotherWitch by Travis Tate
Milton, MI by Paz Pardo 


Gondal by Kimberly Belflower
Slumber Party by Elizabeth Doss
The Bigot by William Glick
Galactic Orphans by Megan Tabaque


The Silent Woman by Lydia Blaisdell
The Orange Garden by Joanna Garner
381 Bleecker by Gia Marotta
Girls in Cars Underwater by Tegan McLeod


Karlstad by Patrick Shaw
Hold Me Well by Eva Suter
Good Day by Diana Lynn Small
Lyla School by Brian Kettler


Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven by Reina Hardy
Advance Man by Abe Koogler
'ratio Visual Narrative by William Anderson and Text Narrative by David Turkel
Still Now by Katie Bender
Or, "The One with the Dogs" by Briandaniel Oglesby


Dream of Perfect Sleep by Kevin Kautzman
70 Secrets of Marmalade Kittens by Gabrielle Reisman
The Kingdom by Andrew Hinderaker
A Perfect Robot by Sarah Saltwick


Bacha Bazi (Boy Play) by Gabriel Jason Dean
The Chronicles of Bad Ass Women by Holli Gipson
River City by Diana Grisanti
Static by Tom Horan


Yours by Meghan Kennedy
Rivers of January by Ben Snyder


White Tie Ball by Martin Zimmerman
Blue Point by Kyle John Schmidt
The Tides of Aberdeen by Erin Phillips 


Lidless by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig
Portrait by Jenny Connell


The Chev by Robert Sanchez
Split by Erica Saleh
Why Koreans Don't Hug by Soo-Jin Lee

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