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UT Semester in Los Angeles Program

UT Semester in Los Angeles Program

The B.F.A. in Acting degree provides an opportunity for senior acting students to spend their final semester in residence at our Los Angeles campus, otherwise known as The University of Texas at Austin Semester in Los Angeles Program (UTLA).  

This unique program offers four courses (12 credit hours) of advanced studio training specifically crafted for students anticipating a transition from university life to a professional acting career.  Acting courses include Foundations of Acting and Application and Rehearsal taught at the Howard Fine Studio by Howard Fine and Marilyn McIntyre, respectively; Business of Acting taught by Los Angeles casting director Caroline Liem; and Acting and the Camera II taught by casting directors Christy Faison and Jami Rudofsky.  

Additional offerings include frequent workshops with agents, managers, casting directors, actors and other professionals working in the film and television industry. The semester culminates with a digital showcase distributed to industry personnel nationwide.  


UTLA Faculty 

Howard Fine (Howard Fine Studio) Foundations of Acting, Application and Rehearsal
Caroline Liem (Los Angeles Casting Director) Business of Acting
Jami Rudofsky (Los Angeles Casting Director) Acting and the Camera
Christy Faison (Los Angeles Casting Director) Acting and the Camera


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