Past Productions

2017-2018 Season
Featuring Anon(ymous)
By Naomi Iizuka. Directed by Sam Provenzano. Based on Homer's The Odyssey, a young refugee called Anon journeys through the United States.
2016-2017 Season
Featuring Lost Girl
Character Wendy Darling on set near a window. Neverland was an awfully long time ago.
2015-2016 Season
Featuring The Silent Woman
Stage scene from The Silent Woman by Lydia Blaisdell and directed by KJ Sanchez
2014-2015 Season
Featuring Refugia
Close up on men in conversation in Refugia by Dominque Serrand, Steven Epp, Nathan Keepers and Christina Baldwin
2013-2014 Season
Featuring The Fault
Two people embrace
2012-2013 Season
Featuring The Edge of Peace
 soldier returning home from war
2011-2012 Season
Featuring The Catalyst
contemporary ballet created to the music of jazz trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas
2010-2011 Season
Featuring FIGHT!
Female boxers in the ring
2009-2010 Season
Featuring Cancion Del Cuerpo
dancers perform with the joy of expression and the skill of interpretation.
2008-2009 Season
Featuring Still Life with Iris
Stage scene of Still Life with Iris by Steven Dietz and Directed by Wendy Bable
2007-2008 Season
Featuring Ashes Ashes
Stage scene of Ashes Ashes by Eve Tulbert and directed by Dustin Wills
2006-2007 Season
Featuring Slaughter City
Stage scene of Slaughter City by Naomi Wallace and Directed by Corey Atkins
2005-2006 Season
Featuring Proof
Dancers in  David Justin and Yacov Sharir production of Proof