2017-2018 Season

2017-2018 Season

Anon(ymous) (2017)

Oct 4 – 15, 2017

Based on Homer's The Odyssey, a young refugee called Anon journeys through the United States, encountering a wide variety of people - some kind, some dangerous and cruel - as he searches for his family. From a sinister, one-eyed butcher to beguiling barflies, to a sweatshop, Anon must navigate through a chaotic, ever-changing landscape to find "home."

Fall For Dance (2017)

Nov 7 – 12, 2017

Dance Repertory Theatre, the award-winning dance company, presents new work from professional and student choreographers in Fall For Dance.

The Crucible (2017)

Nov 8 – 19, 2017

When teenage girls are discovered trying to conjure spirits, fear and suspicion take hold of Salem, Massachusetts. Accusations of witchcraft turn neighbor against neighbor. Winner of the Tony Award for Best Play, Arthur Miller's The Crucible is a timeless parable of morality and our contemporary society.

The Drowsy Chaperone (2017)

Dec 6 – 10, 2017

When a theatre fan introduces his favorite piece, the fictitious 1928 hit The Drowsy Chaperone, the characters come to life in this hilarious musical farce. Hailed by New York Magazine as "the perfect Broadway musical," the Tony Award-winner is a masterful meta-musical, poking fun at all the tropes that characterize the musical theatre genre.

ENRON (2018)

Feb 21 – Mar 4, 2018

A true story of false profits, ENRON follows the astounding rise and fall of the Houston-based energy company. Presented as an epic myth, ENRON takes us through the twists and turns of capitalism, the glamour of greed and the toxic adrenaline of success.

Transcendence (2018)

Mar 28 – Apr 8, 2018

Under the direction of Charles O. Anderson and Andrea Beckham, Transcendence is a celebration of the illustrious career of Dr. Yacov Sharir. The founder of the American Deaf Dance Company and Sharir Dance Company, Dr. Sharir's research and choreography features virtual environments and computerized movement. Transcendence marks the inaugural year of the Haruka Weiser Commission, which supports the creation and performance of a new work in celebration of the life and art of Haruka Weiser.

UTNT (UT New Theatre) presents Loverboy

Apr 12 – 21, 2018

Loverboy finally returns home: to his childhood home and to his mother. His youth is gone, but there are still many things to be raised within the walls of his strangely powerful bedroom. 

UTNT (UT New Theatre) presents MotherWitch

Apr 13 – 21, 2018

Nights before Darla's 21st birthday, she is told of The Belleford women's great power that she will inherit. Darla's girlfriend is a tad angry with her. Oh, and the family cat, Winston, has started talking. While studying her induction into the family coven, Sherry, Darla's grandmother, falls sick. Darla must negotiate her family's legacy, her power and the love of her life...all before she's able to drink.

UTNT (UT New Theatre) presents Milton, MI

Apr 14 – 22, 2018

Leah's got writer's block, Amber's got ambition, Jake's got it all. Leah and Jake were once up-and-coming, hot-shot poets. Now Leah's working admin as Jake's career skyrockets, and slugs are eating the foundation of their house. When fresh-faced Amber shows up, it's only a matter of time before things get sticky. A play about threesomes, poetry and the failure to communicate.

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