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UTNT (UT New Theatre)

New plays by M.F.A. playwrights 

Producing Artistic Director, KJ Sanchez
Associate Producing Artistic Director, Alexandra Bassiakou Shaw

UTNT (UT New Theatre) presents newly developed works from playwrights of Texas Theatre and Dance and Michener Center for Writers. Now celebrating its 15th season, this showcase exists as an incubator for new work, with many plays continuing on to be professionally produced across the country. 


March 2-11, 2022

More information about performance dates, times and ticketing will be made available in Spring 2022. 

The plays featured in the 2022 presentation of UTNT (UT New Theatre) include: 

Jinkies! or The Dog Play
By Josiah T. Turner 
Directed by Braxton Rae

Ten years ago, following a botched case, the members of our favorite Saturday-morning-cartoon teenage-mystery-solving team went their separate ways. Now as crisis descends on Coolsville and one of their own is swept into the spotlight, accused of a heinous crime, the gang must reunite to solve one last mystery - But the question remains; Where is The Dog?

Murky as Hell 
Written and Directed by Andrea L. Hart 

Murky as Hell is based on the stories of women who aided Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein and Teri Richardson, among others. What began as an exercise in imagining fitting punishment for these women turned into a meditation on the violence we inflict on each other and the systems that teach us how to do it. Darkly comic and brutally over-the-top, Murky as Hell examines notions of guilt and complicity in the biggest flesh-eating, spine tingling, scale-balancing match of the century. Buckle up. 

Tiny Fingerprints
By Jaymes Sanchez
Directed by Adam Flores 

Set at San Antonio's famous haunted train tracks, Tiny Fingerprints explores grief, the nature and power of belief and the lies we all tell ourselves to make life worth living. In this play, Bobby believes that the spirit of his dead child lives with the "ghost children" at the haunted train tracks. As Bobby falls deeper into grief and delusion, his ex-wife urges him to seek help, a famous psychic medium encourages his fantasies and a science Youtuber attempts to destroy his world with reason. As mischievous ghost children and a troubled playwright meddle in the action, Bobby's fantasies become the foundation of his life, and the destructive potential of the truth grows.

All titles, dates and venues are subject to change.

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