Adriana Scamardi

B.F.A. in Acting Candidate

Why did you choose UT Austin for your education?

I chose UT Austin because I fell in love with the acting program. I came from The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston. It was a very small school where I was part of a very loving and tight-knit theatre family. I knew I needed a community like this in college. When I came to UT for my acting callback, I felt at home. Something about the faculty, the acting students and the environment felt so safe to me. I left that callback knowing, in my heart, that UT was exactly where I needed to be. When I received my acceptance to the B.F.A. in Acting program, there was no hesitation to accept the offer. Deciding to come to UT has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

What inspires you?

Hard work and silence are where I find inspiration. In seeing others work hard, I am motivated to do my best. In doing my best, I discover what I am capable of creating. In silence, I am able to hear myself think. I am more self-aware in silence and this is when I truly notice things. To me, inspiration stems from observing, noticing, discovering and realizing.

What is your favorite place to study?

My favorite place to study is anywhere outdoors on campus that is quiet, has lots of sunlight and a nice breeze. There is one particular spot in the west part of campus, behind the School of Architecture building, that is always peaceful. I love going there to sit and think or do homework.

Tell us about a favorite experience in class, on stage or behind the scenes?

My favorite experience so far at UT was the callback process for Lost Girl. Some audition processes are good and some are not. This was a wonderful audition process for me and I learned a lot about thinking on my feet. Everyone at the callback was excited, open and focused. I have always known that it is important to make big acting choices at a callback, but I did not realize how big of choices I have been capable of making until this process. I learned from this experience that if you really want a part, you have to own the room in which you are auditioning and you have to make big choices--choices that are so huge they almost feel strange. Having the opportunity to participate in this callback was one of the most positive and artistically-satisfying experiences I have ever had.

What do you love most about being part of the UT Theatre and Dance family?

The UT Theatre and Dance family is truly a family: the amount of love and support I have received in this department is overwhelming. Every single artist in this community is genuine, talented and has a story. It is a blessing to be a member of this supportive and inspiring department.

About Adriana

I am a second-year B.F.A. Acting major. I played "Maria" in Twelfth Night at UT in the spring semester of 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I am going to be playing "Wendy" in Kimberly Bellflower's Lost Girl at UT this upcoming semester and cannot wait to work with everyone on this project. When I am not doing school work or acting, I enjoy spending time with friends, learning about astrology, singing and running. My favorite thing to do in Austin is to try out all the great restaurants and food trucks!