Mario Alberto Ramirez

B.F.A. in Dance: Dance Studies Candidate

Why did you choose UT Austin for your education?

I chose UT to expand my awareness of the diversity there is around us. I love to meet all different kinds of people and find out what they have to offer to the world. With UT being in the middle of Texas, there is a clash of East and West Coast culture for everyone to experience. There is a spectrum of people to meet at UT and I'm glad I'm learning a lot from the experiences I'm exposing myself to. As to what made me come to UT, my high school dance director threw me on a bus to come and audition for the Dance program. I was offered the opportunity and I took it.

What inspires you?

When I am feeling completely drained and unmotivated, the sound of clashing pans and running water rushes through my head. When I was a kid my mother would stay up all night to make tamales in the small kitchen we had to sell the next day so we could have some kind of income. No matter what she would find a way to bring food to the table, put clothes on my back and have hot water for our baths. I remember the smell of tamales, I remember the coughing and sneezing because the house would smell of chile verde. I remember the struggle of a mom raising her kids by herself. So when I feel low, I stay determined to make her proud. That's all I really need.

What is your favorite place to study?

I usually study in an isolated area away from distraction, like the quiet area of a library.

Tell us about a favorite experience in class, on stage or behind the scenes.

So far, my favorite experience has been collaborating with all these unique souls and being able to be in a production with them. The process is challenging but extremely rewarding. I tend to catch myself reflecting on everything I learn from the individuals that I work with, growing from any little thing I resonate with. Collaborations from Dance Action, Eyes Ears + Feet and even graduates or even people outside of Theatre and Dance - there's so many people willing to collaborate and ready to be part of something.

What do you love most about being part of the UT Theatre and Dance family?

There's an understanding amongst the UT Theatre and Dance family: there's something about dance communities which bonds us all. We're all here to dance, we're all here to learn from each other, and we're all here to help each other grow. Everyone is a beautiful individual that can offer everyone something. There's no such thing as doing something alone: everyone is there, side-by-side, ready to take the next steps with you. It's what makes the struggles of college worthwhile.

About Mario Alberto

I am a B.F.A. in Dance Studies major. My training began at Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas, where I trained in ballet and contemporary dance as well as other forms such as danza azteca, folklorico and flamenco. While at The University of Texas at Austin I have danced and choreographed Dance Action's S.E.E.D., Ears, Eyes + Feet, as well as worked on collaborative projects with UT graduates and faculty. Coming from a non-performing arts school background, I am humbled to be dancing with UT's program. After graduation I plan to pursue a career in dance performance, choreography and eventually, teaching.