Emma Center

B.F.A. in Acting Candidate

Why did you choose UT Austin for your education?

When auditioning for undergraduate theatre programs, it took no time at all to feel at home at in the UT Department of Theatre and Dance. Through the months of auditions and callbacks at many schools in many cities, I quickly became overwhelmed with the competitive nature of so many theatre programs. UT was the only callback I had where I felt completely welcomed from the moment I walked in. No one was trying to show off their knowledge to me. No one was trying to intimidate me. No one was trying to butter me up with false friendship. In this department, I could already tell that everyone here is here to make art, inspire each other and make change. And that's all it has to be. No competition. No judgment. Just art. Just love.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration in everything around me. When something creates a visceral physical feeling in me, that's how I know I'm working on something powerful. When a news article makes me cry. When an internet post makes my heart race with anger. When my friends make me laugh until my stomach hurts. When the person I love makes my cheeks turn red just by looking my way. These are just some of the many beautiful things that inspire me everyday and challenge me to make art that will inspire others.

What do you love most about being part of the UT Theatre Dance family?

There is not one person in our department who doesn't support every other person, one-hundred and ten percent. Our department has been through many emotional circumstances in the time that I have been here, and we never fail to come together and freely show each other love and support. Even in times of despair, conflict, disagreement or disappointment, the Winship Drama Building is always a welcoming home.

About Emma

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I began my artistic journey at the age of five in ballet classes at The Houston Academy of Dance. Through my grade school years, I continued to study ballet, modern and jazz dance. Although I spent most of my hours dancing, I also found joy in singing with my church choir and acting in plays at school. In high school, my focus switched from dance to theatre, and by my senior year I was the president of Westside High School's Theatre Production Company. It was always clear to me that I was meant to be an artist, whether I was choreographing musicals, writing original songs, or performing on stage. Now, as a junior B.F.A. Acting major at The University of Texas at Austin, I get to improve my skills and expand my creativity everyday, alongside and guided by the most talented and supportive people I have ever been blessed to know.