Lauren Gonzalez

B.A. in Theatre and Dance Candidate (with emphasis in Design and Technology)

Why did you choose UT Austin for your education?

Going to UT wasn't so much of a choice as it was a dream. I have wanted to go to UT since I was in kindergarten. Both my mom and my kindergarten teacher went to UT and I knew that all cool people went to UT! My love for UT was further reinforced when I had the incredibly opportunity of doing shows here through my high school theatre production class!

What inspires you?

Many things inspire be, but the two most inspiring things to me are nature and people. The sights around campus, town and the nation are so inspiring to me! I love the way the trees billow like dresses and the way colorful flowers can incorporate so many wonderful shades! I am so inspired by the amazing people I have the privilege of working with! The incredible people here at UT are so extraordinary, they inspire me to be creative, do better and work harder simply through example.

What is your favorite place to study?

My favorite place to study is the Fine Arts Library, especially the fourth floor. I feel right at home among the Vogue magazines and wide windows.

Tell us about a favorite experience in class, on stage, or behind the scenes.

My favorite experience is really hard to nail down--my past year at UT was so incredible--but one of my fondest memories was working backstage on my first production as a freshman, Dracula. The cast and crew not only welcomed me with open arms, but also taught me so much! Being surrounded by such talented people was so inspiring; it was definitely my favorite experience!

What do you love most about being part of the UT Theatre and Dance family?

What I love most about being a part of the UT Theatre and Dance family is just that: we are a family. The atmosphere in Winship is unlike any other space on campus. We truly are a bonded community, and that's what I love the most!

About Laura

I'm a second-year costume design major from Austin, Texas. I will be working on three shows this semester and have done nine so far at UT! I got my start in costume design in high school but had a life long passion for fashion design! After working costumes for one show, I was hooked, realizing it encapsulated everything I love: colors, clothes, design and psychology!