2019 Festival Lineup

39 Inside

Jose Martinez - Music

A Snake in the Grass: A Truthful and Historically Inaccurate Satirical Comedy about the Red Scare, the Past Few Years, and All of Human History

Tanner Hudson & Guinevere Govea - Site-Specific

At the Intersection of...

Ginnifer Joe - Art Installation

Brutal Imagination

Andrew Rodriguez & Kriston Woodreaux - Play

¿de donde vengo? la mescla

Carolina Sirias - Dance

Denial of the Fittest

Mackenzie Lawrence & Taylor Schmuelgen - Dance


Michael J. Love & Kaitlyn B. Jones - Dance

Existence is Resistance

Mario Alberto Ramirez, Carolina Sirias, Jose Gomez III, Ada Gonzales, Pablo Montes, Gabby Gálvez, Angela Lorena Arce, Katya Guzmán, Augustine Martinez - Site-Specific

Gay Bootcamp

Libby Carr & Ijeoma Chinedo - Play

Good Country

Keith Allegretti - Music

In Light

Michael Zapruder - Music

Land of Opportunity

Jeremiah Abdullah - Play


Anna Skidis Vargas - Musical

Midnight in Malaya

Jeffrey Gan - Site-Specific

More as Needed

Sarah Maggard & Alice Stanley - Dance

Noises and Voices: A Collection of Ghost Stories

Alexandria Armbruster & Carlie Schoultz - Play

oUr rooTs

Diana Guizado, Molly Martinez-Collins, Kialond Bronson-Smith - Site-Specific

The Pool

Nathan Nokes - Art Installation


Haley Brower & Miranda Perkins - Interactive

Roll For...

Henry Wheatley-Rutner & Diamante Martinez

The Sacrament of Matrimony

Paul Kruse & Kimmothy Cole - Play

Surviving Gombert

Alexander Johnson - Music

The Things We Can't Hear In Silence

Rebekah Urban - Play

Throw Your Future Away

Jason Buchanan & Qi Jiajing - Art Installation


Delena Bradley, Stephanie Fischer, Tucker Goodman - Site-Specific

Unboxed: Life in Verse

Spoorthi Krishnaraj & Arohi Ranade - Art Installation

Video Game Therapy

Jake Brinks - Art Installation

XOR (Exclusive OR)—An Electroacoustic Opera

Christian Clark, Jessy Eubanks, Brian Ellis - Music


Becky Nam - Dance

Yellow Breeze

Mingxiang Ya - Art Installation

All titles and information is subject to change.