What Can the Cockroach Teach Us About Ourselves? del corazón nace el enjambre Explores Metamorphosis, Resistance and Revolution


March 11, 2021

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del corazón nace el enjambre

Conceived and directed by Erica Patricia Saucedo

March 25-28, 2021


Texas Theatre and Dance at The University of Texas at Austin presents del corazón nace el enjambre, a virtual retelling of the tale(s) of la cucaracha. Activating the cockroach as a time-traveling avatar, this newly-developed work interweaves stories of metamorphosis, resistance and revolution in order to explore how attuning to a theoretical brown commons might expand possibilities of freedom. This virtual work is the third installment of an ongoing project created by Erica Patricia Saucedo. In this iteration, the performance both lives inside of and creates a digital ofrenda which collects elements of dance, text, images and objects to bring forth a feminist, queer offering for the future.

Del corazón nace el enjambre means ‘ the swarm is born in the heart,’” shares director and choreographer Erica Patricia Saucedo. “This dance film completes the third installment of an iterative performance project of sitting with cockroaches as non-linear ancestors to explore notions of transformation and resilience. In a time when it feels like change is not only inevitable, but imperative, what might one of the most adaptive and reviled creatures on this planet have to teach us about what is necessary?”

Erica Patricia Saucedo is a movement artist, educator and scholar based in Austin, Texas. A current M.F.A. in Dance candidate at The University of Texas at Austin, Saucedo's research is a curious exploration and celebration of brownness. By crafting practices of (re)embodiment, Saucedo strives to find ways to interrogate and reframe static notions of race, gender, sexuality and physical ability embedded in popular narratives of the Americás.

The production team for del corazón nace el enjambre  includes: Venese Medovich Alcantar (Dramaturg), Sabrina Blackwelder (Soundscaper), Lizzy Blade (Costume Coordinator), Brooke Bower (Video Editor), Katherine Cornell (Production Coordinator), Jodi DeAngelis (Video Editor), Alejandro Frederickson (Videographer), Libby Jantz (Lighting Designer), William Kauffmann (Production Assistant), Sarah Matney (Costume Curator), Angelica Monteiro (Assistant Director), Lauren Mural (Stage Manager), Ashton Bennett Murphy (Technical Director), Sarah Annie Navarrete (Director of Photography), Kelsey Oliver (Director of Costuming), Kendra I. Peña (Soundscape Remixologist), Denise Rodriguez (Rehearsal Assistant), Erica Patricia Saucedo (Director and Choreographer), Kayla Senter (Soundscaper) and Jenna Weatherbie (Costume Curator), with performances by Diana Acosta (Ovracha), Vense Medovich Alcantar (Marisma), Rebecca Denise Carrillo (queen lil uzi bex!), Ivana Castañeda (Selini), Mia Bella Castillo (Lupe), Karina Enriquez (Velora) and Emma Valdez (Ofelia), as well as the ensemble, including Sabrina Blackwelder, Lizzy Blade, Brooke Bower, Jodi DeAngelis, Alejandro Frederickson, Sarah Matney, Kendra I. Peña, Denise Rodriguez, Kayla Senter and Jenna Weatherbie.

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March 25-28, 2021 – The University of Texas at Austin Department of Theatre and Dance presents del corazón nace el enjambre – details available at JoinTheDrama.org.

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