Fall For Dance (2015)

November 12-15, 2015
B. Iden Payne Theatre

Artistic Directors: Charles O. Anderson, Andrea Beckham, Dorothy O'Shea Overbey
Stage Manager: Jessica Forte
Technical Director: Travis Perrin


Prelude by Dorothy O'Shea Overbey

Cast: Dorothy O'Shea Overbey

Introspection by Rachel Perry

Chian-ann Lu - Lighting Designer • Adrienne Greenblatt - Costume Designer
Cast: McKenzie Cornish, Erin Kedzie, Aminah Maddox, Kathryn McCarn, Allyson Morales, Kanami Nakabayashi, Eileen Yuriko Roby, Mackenie Voorhies, Erica Wend

Seen But Not Heard by Hunter Sturgis in collaboration with the dancers

Chian-ann Lu - Lighting Designer • P.J. Kelly - Costume Designer • Anna Ingram - Rehearsal Assistant
Cast: Stephen Anthony, Sofia Aranha, Veronica Boccardo, Lizzette Chapa, Emily DiFranco, Laura Beth Flatt, Anna Ingram, Allison Irby, Oluwaeun S. Olayiwola, Francis Rodriguez, Georgina Wilson

Poem (Part 1) by Alex Ketley

Chian-ann Lu - Lighting Designer • Caitlin Graham - Costume Designer • Mariana Sposito - Rehearsal Assistant • Sarah-Grace Poitevent - Production Assistant
Cast: Gianina Casale, Camille Collins, Summer Fiaschetti, Katherine Gunderson, Zach Khoo, D'Lonte K. Lawson, Aminah Maddox, Morgannie Mazeika, Kanami Nakabayashi, Sarah-Grace Poitevent, Mariana Sposito, Georgina Wilson

Fear Knot / Sublime by David Justin

Chian-ann Lu - Lighting Designer • Robert Mallin - Projection Designer • Caitlin Graham - Costume Designer • Sarah-Grace Poitevent - Rehearsal Assistant
Cast: Lizzette Chapa, Johnny Chatman II, McKenzie Cornish, Nicholas Kao, Erin Kedzie, D'Lonte K. Lawson, Morganne Mazeika, Kanami Nakabyashi, Oluwaeun S. Olayiwola, Cassidy Oldham, Eileen Yuriko Roby, Connor Timpe

Feminist Doormat by Andrea Beckham

Chian-ann Lu - Lighting Designer • Lirit Pendell - Costume Designer • Erica Wend - Rehearsal Assistant • Elizabeth Tan - Rehearsal Assistant
Cast: Emily DiFranco, Katherine Gunderson, Allison Irby, Gianina Casale, Summer Fiaschetti, Mariana Sposito, Rasely Goode, Claire Goodman, Vivian Lugo, Claire Goodman

Maximizing the Audience by Manuel Vignoulle

Chian-ann Lu - Lighting Designer • Projection Designer - Robert Mallin • Lirit Pendell - Costume Designer
Guest Artist: Dororthy O'Shea Overbey
Cast: Stephen Anthony, Lizzette Chapa, Johnny Chatman II, Camille Collins, Nicholas Kao, Zach Khoo, D'Lonte K. Lawson, Morganne Mazeika, Kathryn McCarn, Oluwaen S. Olayiwola, Connor Timpe, Mackenzie Voorhies

Photo: Lawrence Peart