Egg Discourse


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a solo performance by Leo Briggs

Egg Discourse is a movement meditation on the machinations of transness. The "egg," an internet-born term for trans people who do not yet realize they are trans, becomes a framework for investigating, questioning and disrupting the "born in the wrong body" narrative and other identity-based narratives of transition. Instead, the performance turns its gaze towards transition by choice, transition by contagion, transition as inescapable process and transition as life itself. 

A large Rube Goldberg machine, built by Austin-based set designer Tori Reynolds, co-exists onstage with the performer. Rube Goldberg machines, by definition, perform a very simple task through a very complicated mechanism. A series of small events, a chain reaction, which leads to a desired result. Here, the machine extends into the body of the performer, whose movements become an indispensable part of the machine's transformative process. 

Simultaneously fragile, unruly conglomeration of actions and perfectly choreographed dance, the Rube Goldberg machine illuminates the messy, beautiful ways that transness can come into being. With all the false starts, failures, doubling back, changing your mind, conversations with friends and euphorias small enough you can cup them in the palm of your hand. Egg Discourse invites audiences to trace the lineages that have transformed their own understanding of their gender and care for their own eggs as they perpetually form, crack and reform. 

Contains mature content including discussion of sex and transphobia and mature imagery.


February 17 at 7:00 p.m.
February 18 at 2:00 p.m. 

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