Andrew Rodriguez

B.F.A. Theatre Studies Candidate

Why did you choose UT Austin for your education?

I chose UT Austin to pursue a theatre degree because of its reputation; I know that we have some of the most talented, well-versed professors, graduate students and undergrads in our department alone. I knew that coming here meant that I would not only be learning from the best professors in Texas but also from the talented peers around me. The campus is beautiful and Austin is one of the best places to be as a performer right now. Coming from a small town this was a huge cultural shock. I mean, back home we didn't even have an H-E-B within a 40 mile radius. Now, I live down the street from one! I truly believe Austin is the place for all aspiring artists to be and UT Austin, particularly UT Theatre and Dance, helps build that foundation you need to have a successful career in the arts.

What inspires you?

I'm not sure that inspiration is the right word. I think it's just my passion for the theatre and for acting that continues to propel me forward. I've never been as invested in something as much as acting. Bringing meaningful stories to life is something that I enjoy doing and want to continue doing not only during my time here at UT, but also after I graduate. 

What is your favorite places to study?

One of my favorite places to study--which has to be the best place for any fine arts student--is the Fine Arts Library. I enjoy studying there because it's super quiet and when you need a break from studying, you could always read a new script. Or two. And you can even check out a few more to take home!

Tell us about a favorite experience in class, on stage, or behind the scenes at UT.

One of my favorite memories is when we were talking about Cohen  Works Festival in our Languages of the Stage class, particularly the show Teen Girl FANtasies which was written by UT playwright students. In the middle of class, Dr. Paul played this video from a boy band and then enticed us to get up and dance with him. there is no other experience than being led in a boy band dance routine by THE Dr. Paul.

What do you love most about being part of the UT Theatre and Dance family?

I love how being a part of UT Theatre and Dance really feels like you are part of big family. The professors are amazing and know how to push you in a positive way to achieve your goals, while preparing you for a successful career in whatever your focus is in--whether that be acting, directing, playwriting, dancing, etc. Also, being engaged with other students creates this feeling of a repertoire company that builds this level of trust. You get the feeling of being at home when you're rehearsing in Winship or even sitting in the atrium hanging out with your friends. There is no other place on campus that will make you feel this peaceful.

About Andrew

I grew up in a small town called Mirando City (I know, the name is ironic) and attended Bruni High School. My high school was part of a very small school district and didn't offer any theatre classes. However, we did compete in the UIL One-Act Play competition, so that's how i was exposed to theatre and acting. At Bruni, I graduated as Valedictorian out of a class of 17 students. I have a great passion for acting and am very happy to be here at UT to pursue a career as an artist. Two fun facts about me: back home, my family owns a restaurant that has been open for about 60 years. It has been labeled as a historical marker by the county and H-E-B will be selling our hot sauce in various stores! And secondly, I compete for the UT Speech team as well.