PPP Fridays@2: Puerto Rican Arts Initiative


Join PPP's Fridays@2 speaker series for a conversation with the Puerto Rican Arts Initiative.

The Performance as Public Practice Fridays@2 speaker series facilitates discussions about the creation and study of performance. PPP welcomes artists from within and beyond the Winship Drama Building, including current students, distinguished alumni and arts leaders from across the country, to share their research and methodology. Up next is a conversation with artists from the Puerto Rican Arts Initiative.

About the Puerto Rican Arts Initiative

The Puerto Rican Arts Initiative was launched in 2017 to help artists rebuild and develop new work after hurricanes Maria and Irma devastated the island. Made possible by funding from the University and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, founder and Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Ramon H. Rivera-Servera expanded the program to include more artists and opportunities. Visiting artists and their works include:

Teresa Hernandez

Las bravatas y otras prácticas erosivas is a moving platform that engages the ruinous and erosive processes at work in Puerto Rico's coasts and Puerto Rican Living. It is part of a larger research project that began in 2018 that seeks to intervene the colonial collapse we experience daily through a feminist-oceanic thought. Bravatas: sal sargazo y cansancio emanates from an embodied, historical gaze that walks, collects, climbs, stabs, sways in a rusty rocking chair and survives - "cuchillo en boca" - to investigate incursions into the demands, emancipation, anarchy and erotism of living in a 500-years-old plus colony.

Eduardo Alegria

POBLADO - Otra Música Puertorriqueña? was intended as an exploration of the island's contemporary popular music scene (which is an incredibly vast and varied landscape despite the island's small size), its contributions to the culture at large and how the optics of modern Internet culture are changing its vision from the outside and from within. Alegria comes from a multidisciplinary background that includes dance and theater training beginning in 1991. In 1997, he founded the electro-acaustic pop act Superaquello. Poblado marks the second album of his current musical identity, the band Alegria Rampante.


April 14 at 2:00 p.m.
WIN 2.112

A virtual option for attending this session is available via Zoom.

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