Apply to the MFA in Dance and Social Justice at The University of Texas at Austin

M.F.A. in Dance

Application Requirements


The M.F.A. in Dance is an individualized two-year program of study (including two summers of study) that furthers emerging and returning professionals' unique interests in the creation and teaching of dance with a focus on the interdependence of artistry, pedagogy and critical dance studies as platforms for critical civic engagement and social justice. Inherently interdisciplinary in nature, the program draws on practice and scholarship from many fields such as choreography/dance performance, feminist studies, whiteness studies, performance studies, education and critical pedagogy, critical race theory and cultural studies. Students and faculty in our program demonstrate a strong commitment to innovation, leadership, community, equity and social justice. This commitment informs the curriculum.

The M.F.A. in Dance is a terminal degree that qualifies you to work in a variety of academic, artistic and professional settings, including teaching at a university-level or in community settings, directing a performance company, managing an arts organization, working as a performance curator or festival director, or devising performance work. The degree does not lead to public school teacher certification; however, students interested in teacher certification may take additional classes to achieve this goal.

How to Apply

To apply, go to and create an account and fill out the form. Note: Online requests for recommendations will be activated only after you have completed and paid for your application.You will be able to choose your Area of Interest on a pull down menu. This will ensure that you are applying to the right program. For example, “M.F.A. in Dance,” “M.F.A. in Lighting Design,” etc.

After completing and paying for your application you will be sent an email (within approximately 48 hours). This email will direct you to a site where you can check your Application Status (using your new EID) and begin to upload your application requirements.

The application for graduate admission is a multi-step process. For detailed instructions, please visit The University of Texas at Austin Graduate School online.

Application Materials

In addition to your application, the following materials are required in order to be considered for admission in the M.F.A. in Dance program.

  • Professional Résumé
  • Statement of Purpose: We are particularly interested in your research interests and goals, and how you see them aligning with the M.F.A. in Dance.
  • Transcripts(s)
  • Three letters of recommendation: These letters should be written by those who can speak most authoritatively about your background, training, professional experience and potential for a career in dance. Each reference will receive instructions on how to submit his/her letter online to the Graduate School's secured website. Only one letter is required from each reference.
  • Two samples of choreography: each work should be no more than 10 minutes in length and must have been developed/produced within the past five years. Please include a document with links to your sample choreography with your ApplyTexas application.

Application Deadline - M.F.A. in Dance

Application Deadline for Fall 2024 December 9, 2023


Sample Curriculum


TD 386D - Dance Technique 3 TD 386 D - Dance Technique 3
TD 398 - SUPRVSD TEACHING IN THTR/DANCE 3 TD 386 - (studio / devising) 3
TD 388 - Research methods 3 TD 386 - Seminar on Dance in Higher Ed 3
TD 387 - Grad TD course 3 TBD - Grad Elective (outside of Dept.) 3
Total Hours 12   12



TD 386 - Choreographic Projects 3 TD 386 - Choreographic Projects 3
TBD - Elective / ind. study 3 TBD - Elective / ind. study 3
Total Hours 6   6



TD 386 - Grad Seminar on Higher Ed II 3 TD 380P - Applied Practice (PDPR) 3
TD 387 - Researching Performance 3 TD 386D - Dance Technique 3
TD 386D - Dance Technique 3 TD 698B - Thesis 3
TD 698A - Thesis 3 TBD - Elective (outside of Dept.) 3
Total Hours 12   12

Degree suggestion (for planning purposes only). Currently enrolled students should meet with their academic advisor. 

Download Sample Degree Plan:

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