Production Archives

2015-2016 Season

Including The Diary of Anne Frank

young man holding a book, sitting in front of a window

2014-2015 Season

Including A Streetcar Named Desire

man holding a radio

2013-2014 Season

Including In the Heights

Singing man with dirty apron and ice pick in his hand

2012-2013 Season

Including The Scarlet Letter

Hester holding baby in small pool of light

2011-2012 Season

Including DRT's Catalyst

Dancer's holding each other perpendicular in blue light

2010-2011 Season

Including The Fantasticks

Lead actress holding mask to her face

2009-2010 Season

Including There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom

Main kid character talking to his stuffed animals

2008-2009 Season

Including Still Life with Iris

Actors in colorful costumes looking out with blue moon behind them

2007-2008 Season

Including Elephant's Graveyard

Group of circus type characters posing on plank

2006-2007 Season

Including Holes

Two boys standing in hole about to open a locked box

2005-2006 Season

Including Macbeth

Man pinning other man to ground with sword

For information on seasons prior to 2005,
please contact Director of Marketing Cassie Gholston.