Why study at The University of Texas at Austin?

You value what we value.

The Department of Theatre and Dance is a world-class educational environment that serves as the ultimate creative incubator for the next generation of artists, thinkers and leaders in theatre and performance.

You are looking for a professional training program.

Offering intense, skill-based training in all areas of dance, acting, and theatre, as well as studio instruction for performance in film, television, and new (digital) media. Extraordinary opportunities abound as well for designers, technicians and stage managers.

You want abundant performance opportunities.

Each season, up to eight main stage productions committed to undergraduate casting and over 20 student-driven projects give you the opportunity to train onstage and behind-the-scenes. Exciting guest artists allow students to learn from working professional performers and scholars.

You want to make vital connections for your career.

Our faculty consists of over 50 professional artists and scholars who are national leaders in their field, and have strong relationships throughout the theatre and entertainment industries. Our alumni have received Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Tony Awards and the Pulitzer Prize in Drama.

You want to teach Theatre and Dance.

Our programs in Theatre Studies and Dance Studies allows students to study both the art form and the art of teaching. Graduates look forward to excellent placement in schools and communities all over the country. Cutting edge work in Theatre for Youth and Communities is defining the growing field of Applied Theatre and teacher training.

You want a University of Texas at Austin education.

The power and prestige of a University of Texas at Austin degree is one of the reasons we are among the nation’s most competitive universities. We are a community committed to helping creative individuals achieve a career in the arts within the setting of a tier-one academic institution. What starts here and changes the world. 

You want more bang for your buck.

We challenge you to explore our programs and then compare the costs. At half or even one-third the cost of our competitors, the Department of Theatre and Dance at The University of Texas at Austin is a tremendous value.

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