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Megan Alrutz, Associate Professor, Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities
email  malrutz@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-6383

Tatiana Artis, Executive Assistant, Office Manager
email  tatiana.artis@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5318
office location  WIN 1.144A

beckham headshot small

Andrea Beckham, Senior Lecturer, Dance
email  a.beckham@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5332
office location  WIN 2.132C

Bennett Texas profile

Lawrence Bennett, Lecturer, Design and Technology
email  lbbennett504@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-475-7080
office location  WIN 1.3S3A

Headshot photo of William Bloodgood

William Bloodgood, Senior Lecturer, Design and Technology
email  w.bloodgood@austin.utexas.edu
office location  WIN B.104B

bonin headshot reszied

Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, Associate Professor, Performance as Public Practice
email  pbonrod@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5310
office location  WIN 2.112

W. Scott Bussey, Technical Director of Design & Technology at the UT Theatre Dept.

W. Scott Bussey, Technical Director, Texas Performing Arts
email  sbussey@texasperformingarts.org
telephone  512-471-0951
office location  PAC 2.204

charlotte canning against grey background

Charlotte Canning, Professor, Performance as Public Practice / Head, Oscar G. Brockett for Theatre History and Criticism
email  charlottecanning@utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5338
office location  WIN 2.158

Andrew Carlson, Clinical Assistant Professor at the UT Theatre and Dance Dept.

Andrew Carlson, Clinical Assistant Professor
email  andrewiancarlson@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  765-409-0478
office location  WIN 1.110

Jessica Champion, Building Manager, ABT Coordinator
email  jesschamp@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-2668
office location  WIN 1.144

Christian headshot small

Pamela Christian, Associate Professor, Acting
email  pc@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5313
office location  WIN 1.126

cloyes headshot blue background

Rusty Cloyes, Lecturer, Design and Technology
email  rustycloyes@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5339
office location  WIN 2.119

rust background eric headshot

Eric Colleary, Lecturer, Performance as Public Practice
email  eric.colleary@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-475-6502

Photo: Kathy Whittaker

Jeremy Cudd, Lecturer, Acting
email  jeremylcudd@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5391
office location  WIN B.128

curran headshot on blue background

Tina Curran, Clinical Assistant Professor
email  tinacurran@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-475-6583
office location  WIN 2.119