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daniels cropped headshot

James Daniels, Senior Lecturer, Acting
email  jamesdaniels@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-471-3836
office location  WIN 2.117

Katie Dawson

Katie Dawson, Assistant Professor, Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities
email  kathryndawson@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5314
office location  WIN 2.160

man in blue suit

Douglas Dempster, Dean, College of Fine Arts
email  cofadean@austin.utexas.edu

Steve Dietz, Professor of Playwriting and Directing at the UT Theatre and Dance Dept.

Steven Dietz, Professor, Playwriting and Directing
email  sjdietz@utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5311
office location  WIN 1.124

cropped headshot dossett

Lara Dossett, Lecturer, Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities
email  laradossett@utexas.edu
telephone  512-471-6728
office location  WIN B.112

douglas headshot profile

Lucien Douglas, Associate Professor, Acting
email  l.douglas@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5307
office location  WIN 1.116

Rachel Durkin-Drga, Associate Director, Programming and Production
email  rdurkindrga@texasperformingarts.org
telephone  512-471-0638

Jeff Ellinger, Teaching Artist, Texas Performing Arts
email  jellinger@texasperformingarts.org
telephone  512-471-0675
office location  PAC 1.150

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Liz Engelman, Lecturer, Playwriting and Directing
email  lizengelman@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-471-0360
office location  WIN B.104F

gholston in black in front of tree

Cassie Gholston, Director of Marketing
email  gholston@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5301
office location  WIN 1.113

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James Glavan, Professor, Design and Technology
email  jglavan@austin.utexas.edu

Andrea Grapko, Graduate Coordinator
email  andrea.grapko@austin.utexas.edu

laura headshot bw

Laura Gutiérrez, Associate Professor, Performance as Public Practice
email  lauragutierrez@utexas.edu
office location  WIN 2.162

habeck headshot

Michelle Habeck, Associate Professor, Design and Technology
email  mhabeck@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5470
office location  WIN 2.142A

William Henry, Lecturer, Design and Technology
email  wrh257@utexas.edu
telephone  512-475-8163
office location  WIN 2.154

Richard Isackes, Professor of Design and Technology

Richard Isackes, Professor, Design and Technology
email  isackes@utexas.edu
office location  WIN 2.142C

man smiling at camera

Coleman A. Jennings, Professor, Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities
email  coleman.a.jennings@austin.utexas.edu
telephone  512-232-5324
office location  WIN 1.158