Ginnifer Joe

B.F.A. in Dance Candidate

Why did you choose UT Austin for your education?

UT Austin's program offered me the most freedom in my education, as well as diversity within the dance program. I have professors' support in pursuing degrees in dance and public relations. Though The University of Texas at Austin is a huge school, the Department of Theatre and Dance made it much smaller, which is something I looked for in my college decision.

What inspires you?

Suffering pushes me to continue my passions in dance and communication; I aspire to lessen suffering as much as possible through the art of dance and dialogue.

What is your favorite place to study?

I enjoy studying in quiet coffee shops.

Tell us about a favorite experience in class, on stage, or behind the scenes at UT.

When I was on costume crew for Production Lab, I loved watching the upperclassmen from backstage. It is one of my favorite experiences, because I caught a glimpse of what my next three years could look like.

What do you love most about being part of the UT Theatre and Dance family?

As a family we are all very peculiar and weird, since we love to express ourselves. We are very open-minded and accepting, which is my favorite part of this group.

About Ginnifer

Ginnifer Joe began dancing at the ripe age of two. As the daughter of a dance teacher, dance classes also served as babysitting time during her childhood. She is a second-year B.F.A. dance major at The University of Texas at Austin and she loves this new family. She dreams to create a global dance company that transcends all human barriers; a company that intertwines and accepts cultural differences and celebrates life and human existence.