2020-2021 Season

2020-2021 Season

brown and orange tiger with covid19 in eye

Year of the Tiger

Mar 24 – 27, 2021

On the eve of the anniversary of the COVID-19 global pandemic, a news anchor is preparing for a special transmission commemorating the year that has gone by when she is visited by a tiger who really wants her to get the story straight, no matter what the cost. 

cockroach with title

del corazón nace el enjambre

Mar 25 – 28, 2021

del corazón nace el enjambre is a virtual retelling of the tale(s) of la cucaracha. Activating the cockroach as a time-traveling hemispheric avatar, this dance-theatre piece interweaves stories of self-metamorphosis, resistance and revolution to wonder how attuning to a theoretical brown commons might expand possibilities of freedom.

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UTNT (UT New Theatre): sad women being sad (ON-DEMAND)

Apr 5 – 18, 2021

This lyrical play explores what it means to be sad and a woman in this world through the lens of the Greek tragedy, The Trojan Women. Examining trauma, mental health, violence and the internet's role in these things, sad women being sad asks the larger question of how and if we can separate the artist from their art. Be prepared for a comedy! 

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UTNT (UT New Theatre): Radiance (ON-DEMAND)

Apr 5 – 18, 2021

Set in a growing metropolitan city in the midst of an economic transition, Radiance follows the story of a few individuals who want more from the city than it promises to give them: Aria, a high-end escort, orchestrates an escape from her gruesome life in an elite brothel while Dina, a physically disabled young woman, rebels for love that will open her world beyond an isolated bedroom in the middle of a suburban wasteland. As Stanley, an aspiring young entrepreneur, arrives in the city to climb the ladder of a booming textile industry, we witness the consequences of economic progression on the inequity of gender roles in a developing society. 

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UTNT (UT New Theatre): Fall the House (ON-DEMAND)

Apr 11 – 24, 2021

Everyone at the Atreus Housing Project is anticipating the long-rumored return of GHOST. When he does arrive, it sets off a persistently fatal chain of events. His wife NESSA is suspicious of him, his daughter ALEXUS could care less about him, a kid in the neighborhood, OLLIE, worships him and the girl with kerosene gas dripping from her hands KARA is just wandering trying to find her place in it all. And where in the hell is his son BISHOP anyway? If only they could ask that fake-ass psychic, PIANO MAN. The FURIES watch this all, withholding their verdict on the violence for as long as they see fit. A liberal homage to Aeschylus's Oresteia

blue lightbulb new works festival

The Cohen New Works Festival 2021

Apr 12 – 16, 2021

The Cohen New Works Festival is a biennial, week-long showcase of new work created by students at The University of Texas at Austin. It's not just an event, but a celebration of a continuously ongoing process - the creation of new work. 

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UTNT (UT New Theatre): OCD (ON-DEMAND)

Apr 23 – 24, 2021

How do you love someone who isn't you without ruining your own life? OCD is a dark comedy about impossible sibling connections, mental illness and a desire to have a room of one's own in a world where boundaries between the notion of love and sacrifice are not always clear. After her brother’s accident, an older sister gets hallucinations of her brother falling from an iceberg in Antarctica – a place she believes used to trigger her brother’s OCD. She then visits the doctor who used to treat her brother, claiming that she has OCD.

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