Roots and Wings (2013)

Roots and Wings (2013)

"Roots and Wings" (2013), directed by David Justin and Charles O. Anderson; Photo: Lawrence Peart

Artistic Directors: David Justin and Charles O. Anderson

B. Iden Payne Theatre
April 19, 20 at 8:00 p.m.
April 20, 21 at 2:00 p.m.

Standing on a long tradition of excellence and innovation, The University of Texas at Austin's award-winning ensemble Dance Repertory Theatre takes flight with Roots and Wings. The showcase presents exciting new dance works and re-staged masterpieces by nationally and internationally acclaimed guest artists and faculty.

A highlight of the concert includes The Uncommitted, a new work by Paul Taylor, one of the foremost American choreographers of the 20th century and leading modern dance artists. His 134th choreographed work, The Uncommitted's movements reflection of yearning and disconnection are underscored by Arvo Part's evocative and haunting music.

"Taylor reveals the meat of the human condition, and he likes it raw. The dance suggests a world in which loneliness is not exactly the same as being alone. As in many of Mr. Taylor's works, the dividing line is smudged."
- The New York Times

The University of Austin is pleased to be the first company, other than the Paul Taylor Company, to perform Taylor's masterpiece.

Other work in Roots and Wings includes David Justin's Solemn Opus: The Journey of Lost and Found. This critically acclaimed work has been performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., at the Ballet Builders Choreographers' Showcase in New York and in Greece at the 20th World Congress of Dance. Yacov Shair's new work 3D [Embodied]layers the physical and virtual worlds, as a virtual space becomes a habitable architectural space whereby physical humans seamlessly appear and disappear.


The Uncommittedby Paul Taylor
Solemn Opus: The Journey of Lost and Found by David Justin
3D [Embodied]by Yacov Sharir
Turning It by Charles O. Anderson and David Justin
Home by Courtney Mazeika


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