Jackson Cobb

he / they

Photo of Jackson Cobb

Jackson Cobb (he/they) is a media designer, programmer and teaching artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Austin, Texas. He’s a third-year M.F.A. in Theatre candidate with a specialization in live design and production (integrated media for live performance). Cobb’s primary background is in local and regional theatre, but he’s worked in concerts, virtual performance, corporate events and commercial theatre, both on Broadway and internationally. Assistant design credits include The Boy Who Kissed The Sky (Seattle Children’s Theatre, 2022), Thoughts of a Colored Man (Broadway, 2021) and productions with History Theatre, Mixed Blood Theatre, New Dawn Theatre Company and others. Programming credits include Monsoon Wedding (Abdul Aziz Nasser Theatre, Qatar, 2022), Spittin’ Seeds (Penumbra Theatre, 2022), The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (ZACH Theatre, 2022), Fast Company (Guthrie Theater, 2019) and many others.



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