The University of Texas at Austin



Applicants who consider themselves primarily playwrights, directors, designers, technicians or dramaturgs are required submit a portfolio for admission to the B.A. in Theatre and Dance program. A portfolio is a collection of your work that is related to theatre and/or dance. Items may include:

  • Directing: notes, blocking sketches, scene breakdowns;
  • Stage Management: notes, blocking notations, call-sheets, script with cues, cue list, rehearsal notes;
  • Theatrical Design: research, sketches, mood boards, renderings, models, light plots, draftings, production photos, and samples of sewing, tailoring, woodworking, drawing and painting;
  • Dramaturgy: research, actor packets, program notes, timelines, cultural or historical context analysis;
  • Playwriting: writing samples;
  • Publicity and Administration: playbills/posters you have designed, marketing materials, fundraising plans, budgets

There are several ways to submit your portfolio. Please select ONE of the following:

  • Upload your portfolio to Acceptd through the Theatre and Dance application.
  • Present it in-person at a regional theatre conference/festival. If you choose to present your portfolio at a regional event, we strongly encourage you to also submit a digital version of your portfolio through Acceptd. 2017 Regional Conferences/Festivals include:
    • November 13: South Texas Theatre Auditions (McAllen, Texas) 
    • November 16-17: North Texas Drama Auditions (Plano, Texas) 
    • November 18: Booker T. Washington Showcase (Dallas, Texas) 
    • November 19: Greater Houston Area Auditions (Houston, Texas) 
    • November 20: Greater San Antonio Area Auditions (San Antonio, Texas)