Michael Massey

Young man in button-down shirt
B.A. Theatre and Dance, Directing and Stage Management Focus, Senior

Favorite class in Theatre and Dance:

It's a tie. In my second year, I took Kirk Lynn's "Directing New Work" class. It introduced students to multiple ways and forms to make work. As the semester progressed, I was able to learn more about who I was as an artist and the type of experiences I wanted to create with my own work. And the second was Scott Kanoff's "Directing" class because he helped me hone the excitement I had into a feasible skill set and vocabulary. Those two classes together have really elevated my artist mindset, giving me the technique and confidence to collaborate with a creative team as well as conceptualize and execute a project. I am forever grateful for those two crazy guys.

Favorite thing about Austin:

It’s a great, youthful vibe. Everyone’s pumped and ready to go. You can always find a good time if you go looking for it.

Favorite place to study:

If I need to get a lot of work done, it helps me to go out to a 24-hour coffee shop with friends who also needs to get a lot of work done. If it’s something small, then a quiet place to sit works just fine.

About Michael:

I’m in my final year at UT Austin, working mostly in Directing, Stage Management and Production Management. Recently, I have been a part of: KOKKOLA (Stage Manager, Akvavit Theatre Company, Chicago, IL), The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later  (Producing Intern Ensemble, American Theater Company, Chicago, IL), One Hundred Gun Deaths (Co-Director, UT Lab Theatre), and UT New Theatre  (Production Manager, UT Theatre and Dance). Upcoming: The Scarlet Letter (Stage Manager, UT Theatre and Dance), Cohen New Works Festival 2013 (Production Manager, UT Theatre and Dance), and a devised piece this April with a working title of Graveyard Play (Co-Creator).

Right now, I’m all about co-creating devised work. What interests me right now is coming in with a question(s) that the group wants to explore, planting that seed and seeing what kind of tree it grows. I also really dig watching other people make their work. I get really excited watching them get excited.