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She Has No Shame choreographed by Andrea Beckham, Transcendence; Photo: Lawrence Peart (2018)

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Andrea Beckham

Andrea Beckham

I believe in the expressive power of movement. I am a working artist and world citizen - a choreographer, a performer and, most importantly, a teacher. I attempt to live what I teach, and hope to demonstrate that what one brings to one's studio, to the stage and to the world is one thing - compassionate and purposeful. I believe in craft, rigor, discipline and communication. My key objective as a teacher is to empower each student toward greater expressivity and my hope is to create room for each student I encounter to become an articulate, reflective member of the world community. I respectfully guide investigations in the aesthetics of, and creation of, new work. Stimulating students' curiosity about physical technique, providing information, inspiring passion to develop craft, I believe I must plant in the classroom seeds of rigorous attention to movement awareness and efficient skeletal alignment, improvisation, respect for developing a physical practice and individual responsibility.

Areas of Expertise

Contemporary dance, movement improvisation and physical theatre improvisation, text-based choreographer, somatic and Pilates-Evolved techniques


Contemporary Dance Technique, Theory and Practice of Pilates-Evolved Laboratory, Somatics, Movement Improvisation, Advanced Pilates, Movement Composition, Experiential Anatomy

Upcoming Works

  • Workshops coming 2020 to develop EveryDay Movement with Andrea Beckham Collaborative Dance (ABCD).

What do you enjoy most about being part of the UT Theatre and Dance community?

I enjoy the curiosity, kindness and artistic passion of the students, faculty and staff in our department.

What is your favorite thing about Austin?

I love hiking on the Greenbelt with family and friends, particularly in this wonderfully wet, extended time of green!

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