women dancing with arms out

Bodies & Souls; Photo by Lawrence Peart (2016) 

woman with bindi smiling

Priya Raman

Priya Raman

Priya Venkat Raman is a Ph.D. student in the Performance as Public Practice program. Her research interests include examining the role of dance criticism as a literary genre in mediating knowledge of dance history and trends in performance. She currently holds a Master's in Performing Arts from University of Hyderabad, India.

Raman, born and raised in India, is a Bharatanatyam dancer, dance educator and writer. She has worked as an education consultant with India’s leading print media, The Times of India-Newspaper in Education and with cultural training bodies. She designed illustrated workshops for students and teachers of government and private schools, integrating dance into classroom curriculum. She is co-founder and principal contributor of The Kalaparva, an eZine featuring interviews, commentaries and reviews on Indian performing arts.

In her performing career of two decades, Raman has been a recipient of national excellence award, ambassador of Rotary Foundation’s Group Study Exchange to U.S. and graded artiste of Indian national television. Her most recent solo production Kavya Nritya Dhare is a performative interpretation of poetry and cultural aesthetics. 

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