Woman in a white dress portraying

Luna; Photo: Lawrence Peart (2017)

Headshot of Anna Joaquin

Anna Joaquin

Anna Joaquin

Anna Joaquin is an organizer, educator and artist pursuing an M.A. in Performance as Public Practice at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research focuses on theatre for/against social change, particularly through the lenses of social movements, class analysis and critical race theory. Joaquin holds a B.A. in Theatre and a minor in Mathematics from Loyola University Chicago, where she was active as a performer, dramaturg, choreographer and music director. She has mentored and taught youth through organizations such as GEAR UP, Upward Bound, The Cherubs at Northwestern University and Youth & Opportunity United. Recently, Joaquin served as a research assistant for the Routledge Companion to Theatre of the Oppressed (2019) on a section by Dr. Kelly Howe examining the interconnectedness of patriarchy, gender normativity and heteronormativity as systems of oppression.

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