The Silent Woman by Lydia Blaisdell (UTNT (UT New Theatre), 2016); Photo: Lawrence Peart

Siri Gurudev

Siri Gurudev

Siri Gurudev (D.C. Hernandez) is a Colombian Ph.D. candidate in the Performance as Public Practice program who develops as a writer, performer, activist and researcher. Theirs research focuses on how performative actions can re-signify historically stigmatized spaces in Bogotá, as well as subjects' (performers and public) gender identities. 

Siri received a B.A. in Philosophy (through the Best High School Students in the Country scholarship) as well as a B.A. in Literary Studies, which they finished in São Paulo (sponsored by Pontifica Universidad Javeriana). Then, they completed an M.A. in Creative Writing which resulted in the publishing of theirs first novel, The Future of Ismael (Ediciones B, 2017), an experimental sci-fi love story with transgender characters. 

Siri was a member, for several years, of a collective named Entre-tránsitos, developing political actions, radio podcasts and pedagogic programs to address transgender human rights. Siri was one of the leaders of a massive performance entitled in which trans community members went to the National Registry to ask for the sex/gender marker's change. That performance was an important contribution which resulted in the procedure to change sex/gender makers in Colombia ID (2015) without any medical intervention or dysphoria certificate. 

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