siri gurudev

artist with short, dark hair faces their head to their right, holding a lacy cloth behind them and closing their eyes, all washed in a purple light

siri gurudev is a multidisciplinary artist, with a focus on experimental theatre and performance in the Americas. gurudev is a trans-non-binary writer, performer, activist and researcher from Bogota, Colombia. Their work orbits around the questioning and destabilization of gender binarism, visibilization of racialized gender violence and the quest of being a Mestizx from the “third world" - can they connect with their indigenous ancestry while finding traces of queerness in the archive?⁣ gurudev received a B.A. in Philosophy (through the Best High School Students in the Country scholarship) as well as a B.A. in Literary Studies, which they finished in São Paulo (sponsored by Pontificia Universidad Javeriana). Then, they completed a master's in creative writing which resulted in the publishing of their first novel, The Future of Ismael (Random House, 2017), an experimental sci-fi love story with trans characters. gurudev has been part of different performance art and theatre artistic residencies including Black Mountain (2020), Ground Floor Theatre (2021) and INVERSE in collaboration with the Momentary Museum (2021). Their work has been produced by Generic Ensemble Company, Futurx Festival and OUTsider Fest, among others.


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