Brianna Figueroa

Brianna Figueroa is a Ph.D. student in the Performance as Public Practice program where she also completed her M.A. work. Her research focuses on the historical presence and artistry of Latina identified choreographers in the United States who produce in the genres of modern and postmodern dance. Figueroa received her B.F.A. in Dance Performance from the University of Wyoming in 2008 and has trained, performed and taught dance internationally. As a practicing artist she has developed a number of solo performances that examine the many ways that gender, sexuality, ethnicity and history can be explored, challenged and shared through movement. In addition to her interest in dance, Figueroa is an experienced instructor of applied theatre, having developed culturally critical arts programing designed for integration into public school curriculums. She has worked as the program coordinator for the American Ballet Summer Intensive at The University of Texas at Austin and is a professional dramaturg in the Austin area.