dancer with light ball

Ears, Eyes + Feet; Photo: Lawrence Peart (2016)

Performance as Public Practice student Laura Baggs

Laura Baglereau

Laura Baglereau

Laura Baglereau is a Ph.D in Performance and Public Practice candidate and an artist scholar who investigates gender and issues of equality through performance. Her current research focuses on political and activist performance in the current wave of feminism. She has presented her research at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, the Mid-America Theatre Conference and the International Society for Intermedial Studies. 
Baglereau comes to the Performance as Public Practice Ph.D. program with an M.F.A. in Theatre Practice: Staging Shakespeare from the University of Exeter and an M.A. in Performance Research from the University of Bristol. During graduate school in the United Kingdom, she created performances which scrutinize concepts of gender and the position of women in early modern play texts. Baglereau has a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Theatre from The Ohio State University where she developed her skills as a dramaturg. 

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