Zoe Andersen

Zoe Andersen is an artist, designer and creative problem solver with a great love for immersive environments, specifically in children's museums and theme parks. She graduated with a B.A. in art and design from the University of Michigan, where she pursued her interests in design, mythology, fairytales and ancient Roman history. During Andersen’s sophomore year, she revived the student organization the Disney Interest Group and created for it an elected officer board, bi-monthly meetings, events that have become club tradition, advertising strategies and a tight-knit community that constantly outgrows its meeting rooms. Recently, she discovered a passion for puppetry and created a shadow puppet film that was shown at the Michigan Theater and was later included in a new, outdoor media exhibit at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Andersen is currently a M.F.A. in Design and Technology candidate with a focus in scenic design. She hopes to use her skills to design themed spaces that take audiences out of their realities and plunge them into immersive storytelling experiences.