Guide to Curriculum

Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities


TD 383L Research Methods and Resources (PDF)

TD 383P Drama-based Pedagogy and Practice (PDF)

TD 383P Historiography of Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities (PDF)

TD 183 Colloquium


TD 338P Dramatic Literature for Youth and Families (PDF)

TD 383P Applied Drama and Theatre (PDF)

3 Hour Elective

TD 183 Colloquium


TD 383P Community Engagement and Outreach (PDF)

TD 398T Supervised Teaching (PDF) [required for AI opportunities]

3 Hour Elective*

TD 183 Colloquium 

*Critical Theory Block (Recommended)


TD 383P Pre-thesis Research and Practice (PDF)

3 Hour Elective

3 Hour Elective


TD 698 Thesis: 698a 

3 Hour Elective

3 Hour Elective 


TD 698 Thesis: 698b

3 Hour Elective

3 Hour Elective

Sample Theatre and Dance Electives

TD 387D Community-Based Theatre

TD 357T Critical Theory for Performance (PDF)

TD 383P Digital Storytelling in Community-Based Settings (PDF)

TD 387D Divas: Performing Race, Gender and Sexuality (PDF)

TD 383P Dramatic Literature for Youth and Families International

TD 383P Drama and Theatre Applications in Museum Settings (PDF)

TD 385D Dramaturgy

TD 383P Latino Theatre for Young Audiences (PDF)

TD 190M New Works Projects

TD 387D Nonprofit Management and Strategy (PDF)

TD 387R Playwriting for Youth

TD 387P Playwriting Pedagogy

TD 387P Playwriting Workshop

TD 357T Performing Justice (PDF)

TD 387D Performance Ethnography

TD 383P Special Problems in Directing Theatre for Young Audiences

TD 383P Teaching Artists in Schools & Communities (PDF)

TD 357T Theatre for Dialogue

TD 383P Theatre for Social Change

TD 383P Tour (PDF) [TYA, Theatre for Young Audiences]

TD 383P Tour (PDF) [TIE, Theatre in Education]

TD 387D The Working Artist (PDF)

Additional Curriculum Information

Portfolio Programs

Portfolio programs are opportunities for students to obtain credentials in a cross-disciplinary academic area of study while they are completing the requirements for their MFA. DTYC students often consider the following portfolio programs:

  • African and African American Studies
  • Arts and Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Cultural Studies
  • Disability Studies
  • Mexican American Studies
  • Museum Studies
  • Native American and Indigenous Studies
  • Nonprofit Studies
  • Women's and Gender Studies

For a complete list of Graduate Portfolio Programs, program descriptions and application requirements, please see Graduate Portfolio Programs.

Public Teacher Certification

Pursuing K-12 teacher certification is possible while pursuing the MFA in DTYC. Outstanding faculty offer students a comprehensive curriculum in theatre, drama, technical theatre, and educational methods combined with in-depth field and student teaching experiences. Interested students are encouraged to inquire about this option.

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