Showcase 2007

Group of twelve men and women laughing and smiling
M.F.A. Acting Class of 2007

We are proud to present the M.F.A. Class of 2007.

We often think that lightning will not strike twice in the same place. Having had our first extraordinary showcase class in 2004, we were loath to hope for another class of equal caliber. Well, we were proud to introduce you to the 2007 class of unique talents who've trained with us at the University of Texas at Austin. They are daring, energetic and bright with tremendous range. They are at home in front of the camera, on stage or in the audio booth doing comedy or tragedy – classical or contemporary – with equal aplomb. We invite you learn more about these actors today!

2007 Acting–Directing Faculty:

Lee Abraham
Andrea Beckham
Pamela Christian
Kent De Spain
Franchelle Stewart Dorn
Lucien Douglas
Stephen Gerald
Barney Hammond
Scott Kanoff