Orchid, Choreography by Holly Williams in Fall For Dance (2013); Photo: Daniel Cavazos

Cristóbal Bianchi

Cristóbal Bianchi

Cristóbal Bianchi is an artist, editor and scholar from Chile, whose research focus on the intersection of public space, poetry and performance. He was a research scholar at the Hemispheric Institute of Arts and Performance from 2015 to 2017 and he is currently research scholar and adjunct lecturer in the College of Fine Arts. He earned his Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London and has taught and led workshops in Universities in Chile, Costa Rica, UK and USA. He is one of the founding members of Casagrande Art Collective in Santiago, Chile, in 1996, which has been a leading group in the staging of interdisciplinary, local and transnational collaborative art projects in urban and aerial spaces in Chile, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Italy and England. As an editor, Bianchi has developed the online platform Observatorio Cultural for the National Council of Culture and the Arts in Chile. Recently, he co-edited the book Pioggia di poesies su Milano/Bombardeo de poemas sobre Milán (2016), which is a selection of the poems that were part of a “bombing poems” performance by the Casagrande Art Collective in the sky of the city of Milan, Italy, in 2015.

Areas of Expertise

Public space, poetry and performance


Arts in a Global World: Context & Strategies

Recent Creative Works

  • Non Serviam (2018)
  • Bombing of Poems over Milan (2015)
  • King Kong (2013)
  • H (2013)
  • Bombing of Poems over London (2012)
  • Bombing of Poems over Berlin (2010)


Edited Books

BIANCHI, C. (ed.) (2015). Pioggia di poesies su Milano. Casagrande: Santiago.
BIANCHI, C. (ed.) (2014). Discussion Paper for the 6th World Summit on Arts and Culture (IFACCA). Santiago: National Arts and Culture Council.
BIANCHI, C. (ed.) (2013). Bombing of Poems Over London. London: Direction of Cultural Affairs, Foreign Office of Chile and Southbank Centre.
BIANCHI, C. (ed.) (2011). Regen der Gedichte über Berlin. Santiago: Tacitas.
BIANCHI, C. (ed.) (2011-2014). Journal Observatorio Cultural, 25 Volumes, Santiago: National Council for the Arts and Culture.
BIANCHI, C. (ed.) (2009). Deszcz Wierszy nad Warszawą. Warsaw: City Council.
BIANCHI, C (1997). EL Trigo Oscuro de mi Boca. (collection of poems). Santiago.

Articles and Reviews

BIANCHI, C. & DUARTE, D (2016). “Colaborando para imaginar, forzando a participar: paradojas de las prácticas urbanas en el espacio público”. Revista de Gestión Cultural, 8. Santiago: Universidad de Chile.
BIANCHI, C (2016). Otros escombros de Dresden: Conflictos de un archivo encontrado. Rojas, S (Ed.). Archivos, el Pasado no Cabe en la Historia. Santiago (Accepted and ready for publication).
BIANCHI, C. (2015). Cielo: espacio y resistencia en la creación artística. Disrupciones 00.1. (1) pp. 8-18. Santiago: Universidad Mayor.

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