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2021 Executive Committee

2021 Executive Committee

2021 Executive Committee

The Cohen New Works Festival is entirely student-run, making it unique and empowering. The Executive Committee (EXCOMM) is comprised of graduate students, undergraduate students and faculty producers who are responsible for planning and implementing The Cohen New Works Festival.


Rusty Cloyes, Dorothy Overbey, Erica Gionfriddo, Kirk Lynn, Nanette Acosta and Patrick Shaw

The Producers oversee all aspects of the festival with the help of the Assistant to the Producers.

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Mike Steele
Assistant: Yessmeen Moharram

The Associate Producers act as a liaison between the Festival producers and the Executive Committee to strategize, organize and oversee all aspects of making the Festival a reality. This position includes planning and facilitating meetings with the EXCOMM and Committee-at-Large, overseeing and participating in application selection, assisting in the coordination of production schedules and maintaining Festival archives for future use.



Alexis Williams
Assistant: Callie Blackstock

The Production Managers oversee all aspects of the festival with the help of the Assistant to the Producers. They coordinate each venue and all operations during the festival.

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Renae Jarrett

The IT Chair will facilitate all things technological, including but not limited to managing the New Works Festival website, creating a managing festival app, facilitating the online festival selection process and creating a ticketing and reservation system for the week of the festival.

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Anapaula Guajardo and Vivian Gonzalez

The Marketing and Public Relations Chair is responsible for the branding and image of The Cohen New Works Festival. This committee creates a long-range marketing plan and schedule that coordinates all press coverage, social media strategy and marketing materials for events leading up to and during the festival.

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Jasmine Games and Ashley Stone

The Events Committee Co-Chairs are responsible for organizing, planning and hosting all events affiliated with the festival, including but not limited to: the Go! Grant Application announcement, the Go! Grant showcase, the New Works Festival kick-off party, opening and closing ceremonies the week of the festival and guest artist receptions. These positions are responsible for arranging all logistics including invitations, decorations, food and receptions.

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Ron Collins
Assistant: Kirk Baltzell

The Technical Director will supervise and provide support for all performance spaces prior to and during the festival in order to help create a productive, effective and safe environment for all involved.

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Sam Mayer, Anna Skidis Vargas and Ann Ulrich

The Applications Committee collaborates to form the application and application process that ensures equality and equity in the selection of the festival. The Co-Chairs also answer questions relating to the applications for The Cohen New Works Festival.

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Bridget Caston, Lena Barnard and Andrea Hart

The Guest Artist Co-Chairs are in charge of booking working professionals in fields related to the projects presented at The Cohen New Works Festival. The co-chairs make sure all festival guests receive the highest quality of treatment, so they may enjoy the festival and provide feedback and perspective for the student artists.

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Giana Blazquez, Ashley Malafronte and Yasmin Zacaria Mikhaiel

The Engaging Research Co-Chairs will create programing that reflects on the multiple ways that we engage in research and foster new practices of engagement that further promote critical inquiry and collaboration across disciplines.



Jeffrey Gan, Courtney Manning and Frances Garnett

The Dramaturgy Committee facilitates resource and knowledge sharing to enliven new works beyond the virtual stage. Dramaturgy oversees activities like rehearsal support, moderating panels and talkbacks, and the development and distribution of engaging resources -- all in service of deeper critical inquiry and collaboration across disciplines.   


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