Ears, Eyes + Feet

Artistic Directors: Lyn Wiltshire, Yacov Sharir and Russell Pinkston
Co-Artistic Directors: Ellen Bartel, Chell Parkins and Alvin J. Rangel

May 7 and 8 at 8:00 PM
B. Iden Payne Theatre

This annual favorite features collaborative works by student and faculty composers, choreographers, and video artists, from the Butler School of Music Electronic Music Studio and the Department of Theatre and Dance student company, Dance Repertory Theatre.

Featured Choreography:

Past Clouds
Choreography by Chell Parkins
Composer: Pierce Gradone

Notes from the Choreographer:
I remember lying on the grass with my sisters and watching the clouds go by. All of the games we played, climbing on each other and playing kick the can. One night they blindfolded me to play a game. Everything I heard became sacred. This performance is about childhood memories and about finding peace outside in the yard late on a summer night.

Other, Now and Next
Choreography by Ellen Bartel

Notes from the Choreographer:
Exploring the themes of past present and future. This dance is created from a series of twenty improvised movement phrases. This work will include intricate and complex examples of movement phrases performed by ten dancers. The first section, Other, will be choreography based on the original phrases. The second section entitled Now is an improvisation using the twenty phrases (raw material) without any choreographic manipulation; this will coincide with music generated by the phrases and improvised live with the dancers. Next, the final section, will bring all performers (composers and dancers) on to the stage for a simple structured improvisation exploring music/sound and lighting.

Mapping Desire
Choreography by Holly Williams
Composer: Paul Marbach

Notes from the Choreographer:
Desire is a complex human emotion and a driving force in our lives from childhood through old age. This spring The Blanton Museum of Art presented a major exhibition, DESIRE, of recent works in all media by an international roster of contemporary artists who have investigated notions of desire.

The exhibit (February 5 – April 25, 2010) then generated a project, Mapping Desire, from students in the Department of Theatre and Dance, in which oral interviews posted online resulted in a website pinpointing areas of “desire” on the UT campus. In this dance work, a subsequent incarnation of the DESIRE exhibit brings real bodies off the canvas into real time, using the interviews, the artwork, a composer, dancers and a choreographer to further tell – and locate – the stories.

Choreography by: Alvin J. Rangel
Composer: Hugh Lobel

Notes from the Choreographer:
shoulder-2-shoulder looks at the ups and downs of a couple/relationship, capturing these moments in a playful quality. Many people discover that it is, in fact, difficult to keep a relationship alive and well. Elements that will be incorporated-explored throughout the work are: domination, submission, negotiation, equilibrium, support, exertion and growth.

Choreography by Maia McCoy
Composers: Steve Snowden, Steve Parker and Owen Weaver