Helpful Hints & FAQs for Prospective Undergraduate Students


When is the application deadline?

Freshmen applicants must complete ApplyTexas by December 1. Transfer applicants must complete ApplyTexas by March 1. Current UT Austin students applying to add or change majors in the department must apply by March 1. Depending on the program you are considering, an audition may be required. Please note that audition dates often precede the application deadline. 

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What do I need to know about auditions?

To be considered for the B.F.A. in Dance or Dance Studies (Dance Education), an audition is required. Auditions are offered on-campus on select dates from October-January. Online auditions are also welcome through Acceptd

To be considered for the B.F.A. in Acting or a performance focus in the B.A. in Theatre and Dance, an acting audition is required. Auditions are offered on-campus on select dates from October-January. Regional auditions are also available, though most regional auditions require the attendance of a January callback audition on-campus. Online auditions are also welcomed through Acceptd

The B.F.A. in Theatre Studies does not require an audition. Instead, applicants interview with Theatre Studies faculty. 

All applicants to the department must complete the Department of Theatre and Dance Application to schedule an audition, request an interview, or submit additional information about their interest in Theatre and Dance

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When will I know whether or not I've been accepted?

Freshmen and external transfer students will be notified of their acceptance by the UT Austin Office of Admissions through their MyStatus pages. Freshmen notices are typically given in February. Transfer notices are typically given in April. Current students at UT Austin applying to the department will receive a notification from the department’s academic advisor through a secure advising note in April. 

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How many students are majoring in Theatre and Dance at UT?

The number of students fluctuates year to year, but we typically admit approximately 100 students to the department each year: 16 to the B.F.A. in Acting, 20-25 to B.F.A. Dance and Dance Studies, 20 to B.F.A. Theatre Studies and 40 to our B.A. in Theatre and Dance. 

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How long will it take me to complete my degree?

Most degrees may be completed within four years depending on the number of hours taken each semester (including summer sessions).

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May I have two majors (simultaneous majors)?

Our primary goal is to help you be on-track to graduate in four years. UT Austin offers a variety of advising paths and certificate programs that complement majors with opportunities to study Business Foundations, Digital Arts & Media, Cultural Studies, Game Development, and other pre-professional areas, such as Health Sciences. These programs are typically more manageable within a four-year graduation timeline and deliver the skills you need to achieve your career goals.

Your academic advisor can help you design a plan to pursue additional studies outside of the department, but keep in mind that to declare a simultaneous major at UT Austin, you must apply for admission to another college after completing 30 hours of coursework. There are exceptions for some Honors degrees. Please note that the 30 hours does not include any CLEP credit, AP credit, SAT/ACT credit, distance-learning credit or dual enrollment credit hours. You may start taking courses toward a second major within your first year. Students are encouraged to research other departments to learn the requirements for other majors. 

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Can I minor in Theatre and/or Dance?

The Department of Theatre and Dance does not offer any official minor. Some colleges at UT will allow you to declare a minor in Theatre and/or Dance. It is the student’s responsibility to identify courses available to them as non-majors that fulfill the requirements of their own college. These students should meet with an academic advisor in the college in which they are currently enrolled to discuss how to complete a minor for their particular degree plan.

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Will I have performance opportunities?

The department produces up to eight productions per season. In addition, the Lab Theatre serves as a performance hub for student-developed and driven work. The Cohen New Works Festival supports up to 40 new productions/projects ever other spring. Add it up and there are over 50 performance opportunities in a given year! 

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Are scholarships and/or financial aid available to Theatre and Dance students?

Yes! The department’s faculty scholarships committee awards artistic scholarships to incoming students on the basis of talent, leadership, and academic excellence. There is no separate scholarship application for artistic merit scholarships; simply complete the Department Application and all required steps outlined for your intended program of study. The department also awards merit scholarships to continuing students.

To be considered for financial aid, applicants should complete the FAFSA by March 15.

View more information on financial assistance for freshmen and transfer applicants.

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I love the performing arts but am concerned about my professional life after graduation. Can you help me?

The College of Fine Arts Career Services (FACS) provides a full range of services and resources to help you realize your full potential during and after your time at UT.

Peruse our alumni profiles and set your mind at ease! Longhorns are enjoying great success in theatre, dance, and business.

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UT Austin is a big place. Is there a way I can better connect with the theatre and dance community?

Yes! The Department of Theatre and Dance is a close-knit community of students and faculty dedicated to exploring the performing arts. Here, you can collaborate with your peers through the Fine Arts Council and Hook ‘Em Arts. And, connect with Theatre and Dance by liking us on Facebook and following on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram!

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Can I have a tour of the Department of Theatre and Dance?

Yes! Check out our Information Sessions and Tour for prospective and transfer students.

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Who can help me with questions about admission to the Department of Theatre and Dance?

Lily Wolff
Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator

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