Melinda Trujillo Wright

Young woman against a tree with a coat on
B.F.A. Theatre Studies, Sophomore

Favorite class in Theatre and Dance:

Hands down Automated Lighting has be my favorite class to take. It is one of my most challenging courses and yet the payoff is completely worth it. The professor not only has a passion for showing us the future of lighting technology, but he wants us to grow into better forms ourselves. So I didn’t just come out of this class with valuable knowledge that I can put into my profession but I grew as a person ready for the demand of my profession as well. Plus making light shows to your favorite tracks is just really really cool.

Favorite thing about Austin:

The River. Just to the southern edge of downtown Austin you’ll find the gem that is the Colorado River. Whether your choice is paddle boating or kayaking the view from the river is amazing. There are so many things adjacent to the river like Lady Bird Lake or Barton Springs I find anytime the weather is nice I try my hardest to make it down there. It is definitely a must visit if you ever come to Austin.

Favorite place to study:

Nothing is better than studying on a quiet Saturday at the Turtle Pond. Whenever I can I ventured there to relax as I hear the water pouring into the pond. With all the turtles there you can’t help but feel happy. They are so adorable and they help inspire me to do my work when I am around them. I love passing by on my way to class and see the odd places the turtles relax to sun bathe. It is a hilarious sight to see the piles of turtles on one of the flat rocks. Adjacent to the Tower, it is an excellent spot to rest in between classes.

About Melinda:

Born and raised in Texas, nothing feels more at home than being in my cowboy boots and gazing up at the stars. My passion for theatre came from the wonder of this idea of living art. Unlike any other art form, theatre is the only that can take you into the moment that will change your life forever. I have this wiliness to help other anyway I can and I believe that is what lead me to chose my major, for I hope I can help my future students find the artist in themselves. Finishing my second year I look forward to entering my second half of my journey. I look forward to my years as an educator and making a rewarding difference in the world.