Alexis Scott

Woman with brown hair and paisley shirt
Height: 5' 6"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Voice: Alto I/Soprano II

Production Experience


Title Role Place/Director
A Single Shard Ensemble Seattle Children’s Theatre/Linda Hartzell
360 (round dance) Wife University of Texas at Austin/Courtney Sale
The Cherry Orchard Carlotta University of Texas at Austin/Brant Pope
Clybourne Park Bev/Kathy University of Texas at Austin/Lucien Douglas
The Chronicles of Bad Ass Women Janis Joplin University of Texas at Austin/Shawn Sides
The Threepenny Opera Twisted Finger Jake University of Texas at Austin/Halena Kays
Yours Inch University of Texas at Austin/Kimber Lee
Midnight Mass Bridget Perishable Theater, Providence RI
The Crucible Elizabeth Proctor Production Workshop, Providence RI
Prophet Margin @ Elemental Theatre, Providence RI
Painted Alice Parker, etc. The Theatre Expansion, Providence, RI
As Five Years Pass Father/Ensemble Brown University


Title Director
Revenge Gabriel Dean


The Magdalenes The Robin’s Egg Company Tovah Bodner, choreographer
River Brown University Yin Mei, choreographer
New Works/New Worlds Traditions Dance Troupe Brown University  

Education and Training

School Degree
The University of Texas at Austin M.F.A. Acting Candidate
Brown University B.A. Gender Studies: Performance and Language
Area of Study Faculty
Acting Franchelle Dorn, Lee Abraham, Lucien Douglas, Stephen Gerald, Brant Pope, Mark Peckham, Johnnie Hobbs, Jr., Fred Sullivan, Jr.
Movement Andrea Beckham, Tom Truss, Quetta Carpenter
Voice Barney Hammond, Pamela Christian
Dance West African (Mali)-Michelle Bach-Coulibaly; Modern-Deb Meunier, Emily Devine, Karen Radar; Ballet/Tap/Jazz-Laura Dutton, Pamela Dimeler

Special Skills

Dialects: Standard British, French, Puerto Rican, Irish. Conversational Spanish and Italian, creative writing, painting, eyerolling/crossing, can drive a standard automobile, type 96 WPM, acoustic guitar.

Alexis Scott's Resume (PDF)

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