Paul Bonin Rodriguez

Performance as Public Practice


The Working Artist (Senior Seminar); Languages of the Stage; Community-Based Performance (Graduate)

Favorite thing about Austin:

The outdoors

The biggest risk you have taken to date:

I was a working artist who went to graduate school to research the material aspects of my field.

Something about yourself that we wouldn't know from reading your professional biography:

My partner owns San Angel Folk Art, an internationally acclaimed gallery that supports the work of outsiders, visionaries, and folk artists from across the U.S., Mexico, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.

About Paul:

Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, Ph.D., works as an artist-scholar in the Department of Theatre and Dance's Performance as Public Practice area, where he is an Assistant Professor. His research examines the policies, practices, and histories that inform artist sustainability in the United States, with a special focus on queer performance and performances by people of color. Currently, he is at work on a book, The Artist-Producer: How New Market Economies and Cultural Developments Changed the Role of Artists in the U.S. and Abroad, which shows how market forces over the last 100 years have changed social and material expectations of artists in ways not yet recognized by cultural policy sector or many artist training programs. He is also writing Puro Teatro, a musical about the Cubana singer, La Lupe. For Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC), a ten-year initiative committed to improving conditions for artists in the United States, he is conducting a study of artist professional development programs in six U.S. cities — Philadelphia, Cleveland, Houston, San Antonio, Kansas City, and Los Angeles. Additionally, he is writing an article that examines how the conservative politics of the 1980s politicized queer performance spaces and energized queer audiences, creating an abundance of queer performance work.