Dale Inghram

Man in white shirt
B.A. in Theatre

Favorite Memory of T&D:

Working with Suzan Zeder while workshopping The Yellow Boat which allowed me to simply play and at the same time challenge traditional ways to create. Meeting and performing with fellow students in the lobby, which turned into the award winning theater company “Troupe Texas”. That chance to form bonds with classmates both in school, and at the same time, in the professional theater, would prove to be the most creatively free and influential of my life.

Influential Professors or Classes:

Suzan Zeder and Jim Hancock for believing that everyone has a voice and encouraging me to find it, and then use it. John Hood for being a mad Blue Grass bass playing rebel, that drove us to achievement on our terms.

Currently Living In:

El Segundo, California


Voice Over Actor


After graduating I stayed in Austin to work with the theater company “Troupe Texas”, which went on to win multiple B. Iden Payne Awards.

My next stop was Chicago where I worked in stage, and film and television, with the highlight being originating the role of "Sam Gamgee" on stage with Lifeline's productions of The Fellowship of the Rings and The Two Towers.

While in Chicago I began my voice over career, but eventually the warm weather and the chance to surf lured me to Los Angeles. I've since focused my career solely on voice over, and over the last 15 years have voiced 32 Super Bowl commercials, worked for clients such as ABC, FOX, Bud Lite, National Geographic, Discovery, and Disney, and won two regional Emmy Award's for my work on Image Union.

Currently I live in El Segundo, California where I do voice over in my home studio, surf every week, and hang out with my beautiful wife Toni and two amazing boys Kuno and Caz.