Holly Powell

Woman with short hair in purple shirt
B.F.A. in Drama

Favorite Memory of T&D:

Dem Lab every Friday

Influential Professors or Classes:

Goodie Loder, Steve Wyman, Dr. Francis Hodge, Joe Ed Manrey, Powell Shepherd. Dem Lab was the single most influential learning experience my entire time in the UT Drama Department. All departments came together quickly and the value of respect for all areas of production and dependency on others to help get the job done was invaluable real life experience.

Currently Living In:

Los Angeles, California


Owner, Holly Powell Studios


I have been casting for over 25 years, mainly in television, and over the years have been director of casting for CBS, senior vice president for talent and casting The Greenblatt Janollari Studio, and an independent casting director with Stone Powell Casting, Holly Powell Casting and currently Powell Melcher Casting. I won an Emmy Award in 1999 with my then partner Randy Stone for a movie of the week with Walter Matthau called The Incident. Having worked on all sides of casting, I now have my own Audition Studio, teaching audition workshops in Los Angeles and also travel all over the country to schools and cities for weekend workshops.