Ben McKinley

Bald man in black sweater
B.F.A. in Acting

Favorite Memory of T&D:

My favorite memory is the high caliber of talent of my classmates. You come to the University "number one" in drama from your high school, and you find out that everyone else there was "number one" in their high school. Great talent.

Influential Professors or Classes:

Francis Hodge for directing, and Lathan Sanford for my Jazz training.

Currently Living In:

San Antonio, Texas




Ben McKinley graduated from UT in 1977 with a B.F.A. in Acting. He moved to Dallas, and worked steadily for three years doing commercials, films, directing musicals, and working in every theatre in and around Dallas. In 1980, Ben moved to NYC, where he studied dance at JoJos dance factory, and did small parts in plays in the Village, and continued to do some film and TV work. In 1982, Ben moved to LA, and hit a glass ceiling trying to get work. Ben went to Australia where he met his New Zealand wife. After working in the hospitality industry off and on, with a little cable TV work, stage work and some commercials, Ben has relocated to San Antonio to get back into acting full time.