Virginia Lipscomb Lockhart Houston

Woman in blue blouse
B.F.A. in Drama

Favorite Memory of T&D:

The old-fashioned, rather shabby three-story building next to Hogg Auditorium which contained all the dynamics for an education in theatre history and performance. It was home and haven to the Curtain Club and the Drama Department. All our memories of that magic time rest in the ghost of the Modern Language Building (MLB), which burned to the ground soon after the end of World War II, signaling a new post-war direction of complexity and expansion for all the arts.

Influential Professors or Classes:

Dorothy McLaughlin Lusk (Acting, Diction and Voice Projection); Lawrence Carra (Directing); June Moll, Margo Jones, Arnold Sundgaard

Currently Living In:

Dallas, Texas, after 60 years in Austin


In 1946, I was an actor and board member in Interstate Players, an Equity Company financed and fostered by Karl Hoblitzell, which toured the small towns and cities of the southwest, performing each night at an interstate theatre. We toured on a bus, followed by a moving van containing all the scenery and three union stagehands. Most of the participants were Curtain Club alumnae. What a blast! Unforgettable!

In 1988 I was inspired to draft a committee from available Curtain Club cronies and chair the first Curtain Club reunion ever, to be held in Austin on a spring weekend. To our surprise and delight, HUNDREDS came!