Jeanne Campise Harrison

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B.F.A. in Drama

Favorite Memory of T&D:

Every Friday, the students from Fran Hodge's directing classes produced scenes at a Dem Lab. This was the highlight of our week. The theatre was often thrilling, sometimes off, and a great way for actors to be cast in parts they wouldn't normally do. One moment will forever be etched in my memory; Robert Schenkkan in a loin cloth, hanging upside down by one chained leg—it was beyond amazing, both physically and emotionally. Such a rich and magical time.

Influential Professors or Classes:

Frances (Goodie) Loder was my mentor in my acting class. She saw potential and drove me to reach outside of my comfort zone. I was working on a scene from Lion in Winter with Steve Barton and in one rehearsal, she spent two hours on one line to help me lower my voice so I could be more commanding with my character. As hard as she worked me, I loved her deeply. Goodie was a big fan of Uta Hagen and we used her book in class. I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Hagen, and I brought my book from Goodies class and asked Ms. Hagen to sign it. That book is precious to me.

Currently Living In:

Westlake Village, California




After UT, I packed my bags and headed to Hollywood. A few of us from UT started a theatre group called Rio Goode that lasted a few years and kept our theatrical juices flowing while we tried to get our television/film careers going. In my early twenties, I got a few guest spots on TV—The Waltons, The Jeffersons, Quincy. And then at 25, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis that brought my career to a screeching halt. I continued to work sporadically, but my body wasn't cooperating and the rigors of Hollywood proved to be too much. I got married (24 years), went back to school and got a teaching credential, taught in elementary school briefly, made two precious babies (David and Rebecca) and in 1999 the cavalry came to my rescue. A new RA drug came on the market that saved my life and changed my life! I have been symptom free ever since and I can be seen on the Enbrel commercial that is currently running nationally. I have become a Realtor, jog, kickbox, lift weights... I'm making up for the 20 years of minimal physical activity. I direct a play a year at a local theatre and even perform from time to time. I'm a very lucky woman.